Google Glass & Ecommerce

This entry was posted on May 21, 2014 by Mark Switajski

If you have not yet heard about Google Glass, you will soon. And if you are an ecommerce website it may be more important than you realize.

Google Glass is an upcoming hybrid of fashion and technology. It is essentially a smartphone built into a pair of glasses. Glass offers similar functionality as your smartphone except with the added luxury of hands-free computing. Glass does this with the use of accurate voice commands. For example, you begin each command by saying “Okay, Glass” followed by whatever it is you’re trying to do, be it checking your text messages or taking a quick photo. Save for a couple buttons on the side of the glasses, this is a wearable, hands-free smartphone.


Google Glass has not yet officially launched, but a few developers have already begun work on third-party apps for Glass that could drastically affect ecommerce. Take a look at a new app called Fancy. Fancy has created software that you can install on your Google Glass that allows you to take pictures of certain items and find matching styles and complementary items to match whatever it is you just took a picture of. From there you’ll be able to use a quick voice command to make your purchases.

And that is just the beginning. Google Glass has a lot of potential for ecommerce. Imagine being able to take a picture of someone’s shoes as you pass by them in the street and immediately know where to buy them, how much they cost and to have them shipped to your home. Perhaps you will want to use Glass to scan a barcode in a store to do a bit of automatic price comparison.

Google has also stated that they plan to incorporate Google Wallet into Google Glass. This electronic wallet can be linked to a bank account or any major credit card and can be used to make instant purchases through Glass. If Google Glass takes off, it will be vital for ecommerce websites to be compatible with this payment method.

It may be too soon to know if Google Glass will be a huge hit or a frustrating flop. But despite the fashion gamble there is definite potential for Google Glass and anyone in the ecommerce business.