Holiday eCommerce Prep Tips and Tricks

This entry was posted on November 05, 2014 by Gavin Peterson

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are impending, along with some major holidays soon after! We’ve compiled a list of tips and tricks for your eCommerce business.

1 - Are you making good use of your site's space for promos?

  • Be sure to update your sites promotional space. Whether these consist of banners, sliders, etc. don’t let that space fall short for your holiday shoppers!
  • Take into consideration what has worked in the past and spice it up this time around.
  • Be sure to make calls to action, i.e. “Act Now”, and create a sense of urgency, i.e. “For A Limited Time!”
  • Effective use of keywords will help keep you at the top of searches, include these in your sites banners and promotional spaces for better results.

2 - Are you making your promotional calendar for products and deals?

  • Make a schedule of what products and/or deals you want to feature on certain days of the week. That way you will never be short of promotions! Once you’ve created a calendar, schedule the promo dates and prices using Magento’s powerful marketing tools.
  • Once the content is built optimize it before introducing it to your traffic. Build special holiday landing pages that feature promotion products.
  • Segment your list for promotions to target more than one group of customers.

3 - Do you use promo codes?

  • Be sure your promo codes are scheduled for the rights dates.
  • Make sure the codes correlate with the correct deals.
  • And be sure to test them thoroughly. Try to break your codes and find potential loopholes that some people may try to exploit.

4 - Will you be doing email marketing?

  • Spruce up your lists!
  • If you know what campaigns your contacts respond to. Try to segment these contacts into groups and target them with different campaigns.
  • Be sure not to overwhelm your customers with too much campaigning, keep the content relevant and succinct.

5 - Will you be doing affiliate marketing?

  • Using an affiliate program can improve traffic and sales on your website. It may be too late to gain much traction for the holiday. But if you currently have an affiliate program be sure to roll out those fresh deals for the holidays.

6 - Will you be offering any special rewards program perks?

  • Reward programs are growing in popularity. They often drive traffic during the Holidays and help increase sales through incentives. There are great rewards programs, and we would recommend Sweettooth for your Magento store.

7 - Do you have your creative collateral made (images etc) for carousel and banners, etc.?

  • Creative collateral is important during the holidays. As a company becomes busy during the holidays, internal resources are often busy. The more prepared you can be with your creative collateral, the less stressed your team will be during the busy holiday.

8 - Have you taken the proper security measures?

  • Avoiding data breaches is imperative, especially during the Holidays. With increased traffic comes increased risk. Don’t let your customers be at risk. Take action, work with your hosting company and web developers to ensure your site is enforcing best practice.

9 - Are you prepared for traffic spikes?

  • Be sure your site can handle the spikes in traffic. These include Black Friday, and Cyber Monday. There are quality hosting companies that can help you prepare for the holiday rush. These include, but are not limited to, Nexcess, iNetU, Tenzing, and Peer1. They offer great services and can help ensure your site is ready for the increased holiday traffic.