Magento Upgrades

This entry was posted on July 17, 2014 by Gavin Peterson


Eventually, most Magento website owners will experience the desire to upgrade. Perhaps the desire stems from the need to incorporate features or functionality that is not available in their current version, or perhaps they simply wish to implement the latest version to ensure they are utilizing the newest version.

Upgrades can take a variety of forms; you may be seeking to upgrade your website from an older version to a newer version, such as upgrading from Magento Community Edition 1.4 to Magento Community Edition 1.8. Upgrades can also include going from the Magento Community version to the Magento Enterprise version. It is important to note that upgrades are different than migrations. Migrations occur when a website is moved from one eCommerce platform to another eCommerce platform, such as Prestashop to Magento.

At Wagento, we have considerable experience with doing upgrades. In fact, our very own Brent Peterson, wrote the Magento Wiki on upgrades. There are a variety of things to consider when doing upgrades and a variety of things to be careful about when doing stepping through an upgrade. We have both the knowledge and experience to make sure your upgrades are successful.