Security Announcement - New SQL Injection Vulnerability

Third-Party Themes and Extensions Are at Risk

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We Are Magento: Imagine 2016 Highlights And Recaps

Magento Imagine 2016 has wrapped and it appears that everyone survived! Albeit a little bit tired and a little less money in the bank, it was otherwise a success and a great time! The theme this year was "We Are Magento" and it was embraced by all who attended. This was Magento's first Imagine as an independent company so it was exciting that they celebrated the diversity, creativity, and shared passion of the thriving global community of engineers, entrepreneurs, investors, and inventors—from the trailblazing merchants who know exactly the kind of customer experience they want to create, to the technologists and innovators who help them realize their vision. Magento made some important announcements about how Magento Commerce continues to innovate to support this global community. Of course Magic Johnson wowed the crowd Tuesday night, and the parties are always fabulous, but here are other key highlights. Enjoy!

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Magento Marketplace – the Official Magento Extension Store

Magento is excited to announce that Magento Marketplace, the new Connect – and home of all things extensions related, is now live!

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#PreImagine 2016

When: April 10, 2016
Time: 4 - 7pm

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Magento 2.0 Delivers Significant Performance and Scalabilty Gains

New white paper shows Magento’s next generation platform handles up to 39% more orders per hour and delivers nearly instant server response times for catalog browsing.

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Magento Hosting Offer

We recently came across a new hosting offer from MageMojo that we wanted to let you know about.

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New Partner Portal – is now LIVE!

Dear Partners,

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How To Improve Onsite Conversion With Gamified Promotions

Today’s online shopper is increasingly busy and easily distracted. To activate visitors on your site, to secure conversion and to avoid drop off, online merchants are looking for new solutions to capture the attention of the busy shopper. Promotions can play a huge role in this.

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Magento Product and Security Updates

Today Magento will distribute new releases and patches to improve the security and functionality of Magento sites. While there are no confirmed attacks related to the security issues, certain vulnerabilities can potentially be exploited to access customer information or take over administrator sessions. The security issues vary across products and all versions of Magento are affected. Full articles detailing Magento 1.x and Magento 2.x issues will be added to the Magento Security Center when the code is released. Additionally, the Magento 2.0.1 releases will include several important functional updates. More information on these updates will be posted in Community and Enterprise Edition release notes Wednesday. We strongly encourage you to help clients implement one of the following patches or upgrades:

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The Project Managers Dream

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