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New SUPEE-8788 v3 Patch Available for Enterprise Edition 1.13.0.x

Security Announcement

An updated SUPEE-8788 v3 patch for Enterprise Edition 1.13.0.x is now available in the “Security Patches – October 2016” folder in MyAccount. It addresses missing files that prevent many Enterprise Edition 1.13.0.x merchants from successfully deploying the SUPEE-8788 patch .

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Steps You Can Take to Boost Security

Malware attacks targeting ecommerce sites are on the rise and it has never been more critical for merchants to follow security best practices. In most malware cases we’ve analyzed, attackers are not developing new ways to penetrate Magento sites. Instead, they are taking advantage of existing, unpatched vulnerabilities, poor passwords, and weak ownership and permission settings in the file system.

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Earlier this week you may have been contacted by your Account Manager, Product Owner or Business Owner about the latest Magento security patch that was released on Tuesday 10/11/2016. Magento security patch SUPEE - 8788 was found to have some issues with earlier versions of Magento EE 1.13 and earlier. Here is the press release for that issue:

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Upcoming Magento 1.x and 2.x Releases Provide Critical Security and Functional Updates

Get Ready to Assist Clients

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Things Change - The Fix Bid Project

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The Wagento Approach to Customer Experience

The Customer Experience
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2016 Magento Masters and Our Very Own Mentor

At MagentoLive France, they announced the Magento Masters program to recognize top contributors in the Magento community. We are pleased to learn that our very own Brent Peterson was chosen as one of the 2016 Magento Masters!

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Security Announcement - Magento Upgrade

Upgrade Your Site Now

Today, we are releasing Magento Enterprise Edition and Community Edition 2.0.6, which contain important functional improvements. You can now use Redis for session storage and a file permission issue has been fixed by providing a more flexible way to set file ownership. Full details on the functional enhancements are included in the release notes for Enterprise Edition and Community Edition.

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Security Announcement - New SQL Injection Vulnerability

Third-Party Themes and Extensions Are at Risk

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We Are Magento: Imagine 2016 Highlights And Recaps

Magento Imagine 2016 has wrapped and it appears that everyone survived! Albeit a little bit tired and a little less money in the bank, it was otherwise a success and a great time! The theme this year was "We Are Magento" and it was embraced by all who attended. This was Magento's first Imagine as an independent company so it was exciting that they celebrated the diversity, creativity, and shared passion of the thriving global community of engineers, entrepreneurs, investors, and inventors—from the trailblazing merchants who know exactly the kind of customer experience they want to create, to the technologists and innovators who help them realize their vision. Magento made some important announcements about how Magento Commerce continues to innovate to support this global community. Of course Magic Johnson wowed the crowd Tuesday night, and the parties are always fabulous, but here are other key highlights. Enjoy!

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