Short Recap on Imagine 2014

This entry was posted on June 04, 2014 by Mark Switajski

Imagine 2014 was an event for over 2000 ecommerce professionals to gather and geek out over the exciting events that took place at this year’s Magento conference.  Among the reasons for geeking out was the announcement of Magento Community Edition 1.9 and Enterprise Edition 1.14! (I’ll bet you spit out your Nutella sandwich with excitement just now).

Our very own Brent Peterson was quoted on a blog posted by aheadWorks, one of our fantastic partners, saying “Magento is showing rejuvenation back to the community and the energy level has jumped 20 notches. It was a well needed infusion of excitement and a new commitment by eBay Inc. In addition the announcement of Magento2 and Imagine 2015 gives everyone the confidence that eBay will continue the support of both the Community and eBay. Mark Lavelle stated in his partner session that eBay is committed to Magento and the community and the Magento Ecosystem.”


That’s right, Magento2 was also announced at this year’s conference if you hadn’t already heard!  For more information about the after-party recap we encourage you to check out aheadWork’s article right here.  Or here.  Or maybe even right here!