Want to Increase Your Conversion Rate? Try Google Trusted Stores.

This entry was posted on June 26, 2014 by Mark Switajski

Did you know we are running out of helium in the world? And soon we might not even have Clint Eastwood! At least the number of ecommerce stores is growing. But increasing competition with ecommerce stores makes it harder to have your company stand out. Oh powerful Google – please come to our aid!

GTS - general image
Google created “Google Trusted Stores” to help make your company become a rose in a field of daisies. A Google trusted store is one that Google has recognized worthy of their trademarked “Trusted Store” badge that says, “Hey, this store is top-notch!” Well, the badge doesn't actually say that but it's implied. In fact, when you hover over the badge you will get a hover-image that shows the store's shipping and customer satisfaction history.

To earn this badge you must apply and meet certain requirements. On the plus side it is completely free, but the requirements are definitely going to make you earn it. They are as follows:

>90% orders shipped on time
<2.5% cancellation rate
<10% of orders are pre-orders or backorders
Merchants must respond to customers within 2 business days 99% of the time
99% resolution rate to customer questions within 2 business days
100% of refunds  within 2 days if product does not have to be returned by customers, or within 6 days of receipt of a returned item.

GTS - stats bar

So as you can see it's not the easiest thing to do to become a Google Trusted Store. And it may not have a monetary fee, but you do pay something. In exchange for this promotion, you have to give Google all of your sales analytics. They get access to all the same information the customer provided you when they made the purchase. The price to standout is sacrificing privacy. But it totally has to be worth it, right?
Well that depends on you. Typically, those who boast the badge have a slightly better conversion rate as you would probably expect, but if you're expecting astronomically amazing improvements this might be a bit of a let down.

The Google Badge
GTS badge

Also, Google, unlike Clint Eastwood, is sometimes not so perfect. For example, let's say you offer unique customization for your products. In most cases this will take extra time to produce and ship, but Google's calculations don't take this into account. This means that the automatic shipping calculator could say you're shipping time is subpar when really you're just making a custom product.
In the end it will likely be the norm to have a Google Trusted Store badge. I mean you can't be the only one without one! So what will it mean then? Probably not much. Will it improve the overall quality of web shopping in the long run? I'd like to hope so.