When Fishpigs Fly...

This entry was posted on June 04, 2014 by Mark Switajski

If you are reading this then you are currently benefiting from the fine work that Fishpig provides to those who work with the Magento platform.  Specifically, you’re benefiting from a service called Magento Wordpress Integration, a free blog extension for any Magento ecommerce website.


Fishpig created the Wordpress integration extension to provide users with a free (yes, free) and simple blog extension, thus improving your SEO and   allowing you to post quality content to your website (such as this     wonderful blog post).  The list of features is impressive.  Fishpig’s Magento Wordpress Integration extension includes easy installation and upgrading with Magento Connect, full integration of Wordpress to your Magento theme, the use of popular plug-ins such as WordPress SEO, Add This, Yarpp, Google XML Sitemaps, NextGEN Gallery, Contact Form 7 and many more.  For a more detailed list of stellar features, check out the official product page at:  http://fishpig.co.uk/magento/wordpress-integration/

So you’ve found a free extension that is filled with all sorts of fun and fantastic features.  So what?  I’ll tell you so what.

In the modern world, customers come to a website with certain expectations.  One of those expectations is great communication (imagine that).  With the Magento Wordpress Integration extension you’ll open up the doors for a greater communication experience for you and your customers.  You can post meaningful content to engage your visitors and keep them coming back, you can allow more interaction for customers and as mentioned before you will increase your SEO.

Fishpig doesn’t stop there when it comes to Magento Wordpress Integration.  Once you’ve gotten the ball rolling with the free extension you can then explore their huge variety of paid extensions.  From Facebook plugins that allow commenting and liking from a customer’s Facebook account to Wordpress Customer Synchronization which allows your customers to have a single sign-in account for your Magento and Wordpress integrated blog.  The latter one is particularly enticing because not only does it make you seem more professional by eliminating the need for multiple accounts but it also increases conversions as customers are less likely to forget which accounts they need to sign in with.

And the list goes on and on.  Here at Wagento we’ve got 2 dogs, 3 dinosaur heads and an intern who gets rowdy from time to time so we are certainly open to the idea of adding Fishpig to the list of animals we’ve come to love.