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      How to Solve Your SEO Problems in Magento

      September 12, 2019 | Posted in Magento | By Nikki Lanzer

      In this brief guide, we highlighted a few simple solutions to the most common issues that retailers face when it comes to SEO in Magento.

      Magento 2 is designed to make it easier than ever for merchants to build mobile-friendly online stores, complete with the latest technologies and tools. However, although the platform can successfully keep up with evolving consumer demands and Google algorithms, retailers can sometimes run into trouble when it comes to SEO.

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      Boost Your eCommerce Sales with the Latest Optimization Strategies

      September 10, 2019 | Posted in Mobile eCommerce Optimization Initiative | By Nikki Lanzer

      boost your eCommerce sales with these actionable optimization strategies that will increase your conversion rates in no time

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      Benefits of Earning Your Magento Certification

      September 05, 2019 | Posted in Education And Training | By Nikki Lanzer

      Earning a Magento has many benefits. becoming certified can help you improve upon your skills, earn more money, and move up in your career.

      To get any Magento certification, passionate developers have to do some serious studying, pay a testing fee, complete a 60-question exam, and be assessed by a panel of Magento experts before finally earning an official badge. At first, this process can seem pretty intimidating. You might even be wondering why people bother becoming certified in the first place!

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      Artificial Intelligence and eCommerce

      September 03, 2019 | Posted in eCommerce Trends | By Nikki Lanzer

      Artificial intelligence is becoming increasingly popular for eCommerce merchants around the globe, and Adobe is on the forefront of this exciting trend

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      Creating a Consistent Customer Journey 6 Must-Haves

      September 03, 2019 | Posted in Seamless Experience | By Kayleigh Alexandra

      The process of earning a customer can be fairly complex. It isn’t generally as simple as a shopper spotting your store and choosing to buy.

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      Top 10 Tips for Writing Killer Product Descriptions

      August 29, 2019 | Posted in Wagento | By Nikki Lanzer

      unique product descriptions will help merchants stand out from the competition, convert more customers, and boost their SEO rankings.

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      The Must-Know Statistics for Content Marketing

      August 28, 2019 | Posted in Social Media | By Lianna Arakelyan

      Managing all the ins and outs of your company can quickly become overwhelming if you don’t have the right tools. Along with keeping track of essential tasks, such as financials, customer service, marketing,

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