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Creating Urgency in E-Commerce Stores

September 12, 2018 by Brent W Peterson

Creating Urgency in E-Commerce Stores

This entry was posted on September 12, 2018 by Brent W Peterson




Picture this: you walk into a brick and mortar store, pick out all the items you want to purchase, place them in your cart, and then leave without purchasing any of them. In face-to-face sales, that situation isn’t all that common. For e-retailers, on the other hand, this is a challenge that presents itself every day.

Despite the rapid growth of e-Commerce, online retailers still face a number of challenges, including sales lost to customer indecision and procrastination. Because the online world creates an abstract shopping experience, consumers find it much easier to fill their shopping carts and make a purchase later...but as e-Commerce store owners everywhere know, there is no guarantee that such a purchase will ever actually happen. That’s why creating a sense of urgency is so...urgent!

Keep reading to learn about several strategies that you can create urgency on your Magento e-commerce site.

1. Offer Limited-Time Free Shipping

One way to get shoppers making their purchases now rather than later is to offer time sensitive free shipping. Any time consumers see “today only” and “free” in the same sentence their minds are going to start racing. By offering free shipping, you are cutting out the extra cost associated with buying and allowing the consumer to focus on the product. If the price is less today than it will be tomorrow, your customers are more likely to make a purchase. They feel like they are getting a discount –and they are, but you, the retailer, can keep the full price of your valuable product.

2. Try Countdown Banners

Another great technique to capture potential buyers the first time is to create banner ads that countdown the time left in a sale. Because most buyers have phones that place the internet at their fingertips, they feel that they can browse and come back at any time of day. Posting a countdown forces consumers into a time constraint; they will start to think about how much time they have before a sale ends and decide to buy before the clock runs out.

3. Keep Customers in the Loop About Limited Quantities

Imagine that you are a consumer who is shopping on your e-store and you find the perfect product. It has all of the features that you are looking for, but you decide that you want to wait and buy it tomorrow. Unfortunately, when you go back the next day, the product is sold out. As a retailer, you have the ability to prevent this situation. Create urgency and inform your potential buyers by placing “limited quantity” and “Low stock” icons next to your product images. These icons will serve as reminders that your products are in high demand and may not be there tomorrow.

4. Give Rewards

Small rewards are a great incentive to push sales. Offer your customer a small token of appreciation for their commitment and loyalty to your company. Not only will increase the sense of urgency to buy, you will also improve your customer relationships in the process. You can post advertisements on each page of the website informing potential buyers that “the first X amount of customers will receive X.” Whether the prize is free shipping, or free product, your customers will jump at the chance for a good deal.

5. Up Your Email Game!

A final idea to promote urgency exists in the form of customer outreach. Extending your efforts past your website and into the mailboxes of your customers illustrates that your sale is a must see! Many e-commerce stores have collected an email database from previous customers. Use that list to pull in your clients. Send each of your contacts an email letting them know when a sale is about to end. Make sure they know that this is the absolute last chance for them to get a discount on particular products. That email may just make them remember something they need.

Creating a sense of urgency for your potential buyers is a great way to make sure they are purchasing your products on the first trip to your site. Now that you have learned some great tips on building urgency for your customers, head on over to Wagento for even more advice on building up your Magento e-commerce store.