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Do Something Better, Not “New”

This entry was posted on February 28, 2019 by Luis Gomez Morin

Better Way

Every day, millions of people are bombarded with the word “new” on commercials, magazines, billboards, and social media platforms. Emerging new companies proudly market their new products, entrepreneurs claim to have new solutions to old problems, and thousands of new ideas come to light every single day. In fact, we see the word “new” so often that it’s starting to lose its true meaning. Instead of marketing your business ideas as “new,” you should focus on becoming a better company that creates better products than your competitors.

Better vs. New: What’s the Difference?

Marketing products are fairly common regardless of the business industry or types of products. Buzzwords such as “new” and “brand-new” used to capture the attention of shoppers and make them curious about the products, but modern customers would rather see improved items instead of new, unfamiliar solutions. For example, if you owned an outdated laptop that’s unable to perform as quickly as you would like, you would probably start dreading the thought of spending hundreds of dollars on a new laptop. However, imagine if a better solution was offered; instead of having to buy an entirely new laptop, what if a company offered updates to improve your laptop’s performance? While “new” products can sometimes sound exciting, “better” products excel at promoting innovation.

Create and Market Better Products

To start doing something better rather than new, think about ways you could improve your current products or how you could build upon a previous idea that didn’t pan out. A product doesn’t have to be completely revolutionary to make the lives of others better or easier. Take Coca-Cola for example: in 1985, the company decided to change things up and released a soda called “New Coke.” The “new and improved” taste was so widely disliked that sales began to plummet. The company scrambled to take New Coke off the market and re-released the original Coke flavor, much to the relief of loyal customers.

Don't Wait for Mistakes to Happen. Anticipate and Control Them

No business is safe from making poor decisions about products or bad marketing schemes, but you can increase your chances of success by first focusing on your customers. Ask your regular customers what features would make your product easier to use or what options they would like to see you offer. By listening to your customers and taking their ideas to heart, you can show them that you truly appreciate them and want to consistently improve your products based on their wants and needs. Once your company is driven by inspiring customer ideas and a desire to innovate, better products will naturally ensue.