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This entry was posted on February 08, 2018 by Brent W Peterson

Back in 2014 I started thinking about how to make the customers experience better during the process of building a new website. I got started by speaking at Magento Live Germany in 2014 and the funny thing was all the questions came from developers and not customers. This lead me to the idea of how can we collaborate as developers, project managers, business analysts or agencies amongst ourselves with the common goal of making the life of the client better when communicate during a project. I then spoke at Meet Magento NYC about “The Open Source Agency.” I never got much traction around doing this (the open source part) but I did continue to ask questions and push the idea of “Extreme Communication” which is accomplished by communicated often and always.

Now I have come full circle and I want to embrace the community and invite people to talk about what makes their lives in a project easier. Ideally we would have a written process and then let's TEST the process to find any weaknesses. We don’t have to do this linear, we only have to lay it all out there and document discuss the steps. We can later put the pieces together in a coherent way.

I started writing about the process and what that means to developers back in 2016, but I did not keep with it. In this case I am hoping that I can invite others to participate in the process. I would like to get one guest blog post a month about some process they like or believe in, then lets post it and get a discussion started around it.

So what I would like to do is to get everyone's input on "HOW DO I DO THAT?" Better yet, let's have some people talk about what they do and how they do it?

Drop me a note on twitter @brentwpeterson or simply leave a comment below. Let's start talking!

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