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How to Drive Sales With Great Content

May 20, 2020 by Marie Barnes

How to Drive Sales With Great Content

This entry was posted on May 20, 2020 by Marie Barnes

It is universally known how big of an impact a particular string of words can have. Imagine that with just a couple of sentences, you can achieve your goals for driving sales. A few accurate and subtle descriptions might bring mind-shattering prospects.

There is no denying that content dictates a plethora of factors on the way to a successful sales experience. Appropriating content to the specific target group or simply writing an enticing piece of blog appraising a certain product is an unwritten rule that all the internet adheres to. However, the very task of writing that veritable and impactful content piece is not something that is done in a negligent sort of way.

Laudable and respectable content is like a treasure hunt—it is a long, mind-wrecking, and time-consuming endeavor. However, the end result will bring a gilded chest filled with golden coins. It is worth mentioning, nevertheless, that in today’s reality, it is much more forgiving.

With a plentiful amount of resources that will help you in navigating and understanding the basics of content creation, platforms such as Content Marketing Institute will become your steering wheel in this precarious and challenging world. And if you feel that you are not really in the mood or you don’t want any unwanted burden upon your shoulders, there is always a group of skilled people at TheAdsy ready to roll that boulder up the slope for your sake.

Now, with prelude out of the way, we are ready to examine the basic requirements your content is bound to have to drive those sales up.

  1. Subtlety
  2. Charm
  3. Personal/reader’s involvement
  4. Comparison

Those four, in our opinion, are the building blocks upon which great content should be built. Let it be your guiding hand, but don’t be scared to swap out the order the way you are most comfortable.

Subtlety is the queen of the castle that is often overlooked despite being crucial in creating covert but engaging and poignant content. Being overly straightforward and blunt is a prominent mistake many starters can make. Rightly so, it is noticeably hard to tiptoe on this balance rope between being too subtle and too abstruse.

A couple of points to remember:

● Try to keep yourself in check and don’t let yourself be carried away lightly. The best way to do that is to take a 5-10 minute break and reread an already written piece. By doing so, you can avoid erratic writing.

● Find a way to express yourself the same way but in different words. Meaning, find a detour to a mundane saying in a way that doesn’t distort the initial message.

● Learn from the best. Research how others in the field do what they do. From now on, try to look at every “marketing article” as learning material.

Charm is another point in the content creation that often lacks or wafts an unpleasant smell. In most cases, it is the indicator of unsavory content. What I mean by “charm” is that not only is the content reasonably written and structured but also that it has a unique and original flair to it.

There is an intrinsic individuality that makes it reign over the bland and uninspired ones. To achieve this kind of charm is truly a herculean task, but when accomplished, it will leave a gigantic positive footprint behind.

So, what are the key points to garner such power?

  1. First and foremost, you should be knowledgeable and sagacious in a topic or product you are writing about. Otherwise, your wordsmithery would feel lackluster and devoid of reason.
  2. Most certainly, the first sentence will dictate the further axis of your content. It also contributes to a valuable first impression. As we know, that is the most substantial part of everything. So, take your time and muse diligently over what first words you can employ.
  3. Respectively, the conclusion should be a final touch that will leave a memorable, hard-hitting, and long-lasting impression upon a reader.

To carve even more into someone’s mind, there is no better way than a personal involvement. Veering the text in the reader’s direction with rhetorical questions or personal information is a great method to glean not only his/her trust but also familiarization spurs a reader to more decisive action, whether it is buying a certain product or promoting one's service.

However, when creating great content, do not forget about images that display the essence of the text. A beautiful picture attracts enough attention that proving a well-known fact - most people are visuals. We perceive first what we see, then we study the content more closely. Therefore, be sure to accompany the text with attractive photos. They must be high-quality images. It is worth using not only professional photos, but also amateur ones.

A great way to look at that is to imagine yourself as a client. From that point of view, it will be much easier to write personally. Let’s take as an example two sentences:

A universal statement with no intimacy: “In today’s modern world, link management is a tool of the utmost importance.”

Personal involvement: “For you to succeed in today’s modern world, it is of utmost importance to use link management”.

As you can see, although the difference might seem minuscule, understating the potential contribution of personal involvement will be a mistake.

It is general knowledge that humans tend to better digest information when there is a comparison aspect involved. Not only is it a great way to engage your customers/clients in a mental exercise, which in turn will make them read the information given diligently, but it is also a wonderful method to up your sales.

Comparing, for example, two models of lawnmowers, you will give the reader a balanced overview with pros and cons of each, thus incentivizing a reader to make a choice, rather than not committing to a choice at all.

Not to mention that SEO-wise, comparison search is quite omnipresent. People tend to seek products through analogies, for example:

● Tesla Model vs BMW i8

● Tesla Model and BMW i8 Which is better?

These sorts of entries sure are not dying away soon. So, it would be a good idea to add such a flexible tool to your arsenal.

To conclude, when it comes to creating top-notch content, there are quite a few variables that, if you adhere to them, will harness a positive effect and help you successfully create much-desired messages to compliment your business.


Marie Barnes is a writer for Bestforacar. She is an enthusiastic blogger interested in writing about technology, social media, work, travel, lifestyle, and current affairs. She shares her insights through blogging. Follow her on Medium.