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How To Improve Onsite Conversion With Gamified Promotions

January 28, 2016 by Monica Childs

How To Improve Onsite Conversion With Gamified Promotions

This entry was posted on January 28, 2016 by Monica Childs

Today’s online shopper is increasingly busy and easily distracted. To activate visitors on your site, to secure conversion and to avoid drop off, online merchants are looking for new solutions to capture the attention of the busy shopper. Promotions can play a huge role in this.

Gamification is a modern approach to online promotions that creates brand engagement and encourages customers to purchase — and the stats show it works.

Gamification in eCommerce context can be something simple that’s cost effective to build, easy to deliver and doesn’t take much brainpower or time to play.

We at RapidCampaign have been developing solutions for gamification of promotions through pop-ups and embedded dynamic content. This means fun and smart gamified promotions like interactive scratch cards that reveal one of the pre-programmed coupon codes to complete the purchase right now, or a spin-the-wheel-to-win-a-prize game that engages casual browsers and turns them into loyal customers.

The results with our customers are amazing: doubling the conversion and reaching 3x improved conversion. Here are some of the key results achieved with our promotions:

  • Gamified and interactive promotions are up to 10 times more effective in engaging customers than static promotions, with participation rate 30-50%
  • On average, gamified promotions deliver 5-10% conversion
  • And they deliver on average up to 10-15% more sales


The reason gamified, smart promotions are so effective is that they combine interactive gamification with your brand experience. They incentivize your customers and in return, you’ll learn what makes your customers buy.


The easiest way to get started with gamified promotions is the RapidCampaign Pop-up.

This is a pop-up designed to drive sales within the same session. It’s not gathering emails or pushing newsletters, but making sure your customers complete the purchase right away. The pop-up has a gamified element, a Scratch card or a Surprise card built in.

The pop-up will open with a short delay on page entry. It will help you to guide the attention of your site visitor to the deal or offer at hand.
RapidCampaign Pop-ups are created using seasonal templates and your website’s branding. Pricing is based on pay-per-click. This is how it works:

      Choose a deal to offer in the pop-up and decide on the copy
      RapidCampaign builds the pop-up for you
      You get one line of script to publish on your site. No technical integration, no complicated processes, no plugins.

Read more about the RapidCampaign Pop-up or ask Wagento for more information.

About the writer:

Mika Coles works as the Channel Partner Director for RapidCampaign. Mika has over 15 years international experience in mobile solution marketing and sales. He is inspired by adding customer business value through partnerships and collaboration.
RapidCampaign is marketing technology provider for eCommerce, owned by NearMe Services, specializing in solutions for gamified promotions. They are based in Finland, and serve online merchants in USA, UK, Australia, and Scandinavia.