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Increase Customer Engagement on Your Magento Site!

July 13, 2018 by Brent W Peterson

Increase Customer Engagement on Your Magento Site!

This entry was posted on July 13, 2018 by Brent W Peterson


E-commerce stores that want to be successful need to focus on increasing repeat and lifelong customers. The best way to ensure that your customers will keep shopping with your company is to build relationships with them. Connecting with your customers and keeping them engaged with your brand should be a priority for your company because it will lead to more sales. Increasing customer retention rate by 5% can lead to profitability increases of up to 75%. Customer relationships are key. This article will highlight some strategies your online store can use to build relationships with your customers.

Be Active on Social Media

Almost two-thirds of Americans use social media -- so if used effectively, this can be an excellent way to connect with customers. Social networking sites allow you to market your brand and receive input from customers. Posting pictures, video, and other high quality content consistently will keep customers interested in your brand.

This is a good start, but it is not enough for your company to simply use social media to make posts, you must actively use your company’s social networking accounts to interact with potential customers. Reply to comments that people make on your posts or tweets about your brand. 83% of people who received a reply after tweeting a company have felt better about that company. When used properly, social media is a great tool for developing positive customer relationships.

Create Interactive Content

Allow customers to interact with your website. Interactive content creates a good online experience for your customers and keeps them coming back to your site. Interactive chat widgets are a great way to garner input from your customers and engage with them online. Magento offers a selection of live chat extensions to help you incorporate chat into your website. Adding interactive quizzes and surveys to your site are other ways to increase customer engagement and connection. This connection is essential to relationship building and customer retention.

Maintain a Blog

Blogging is a great way to showcase the heart of your company. If you are creating high quality content for your blog, customers will be interested in reading your blog posts and will develop a connection with your online company. Tailor your posts to your audience, and make sure your blog posts are interesting and engaging. Your customers should feel like they are in the loop with new developments regarding your products or your company. Allow readers to comment on your blog so that they are interacting with your company. Respond to comments, questions, and concerns so that your customers know you are willing and able to connect with them. This will help you build and maintain relationships with your customers.

Host a Webinar

Hosting a webinar is the closest you can get to being in-person. Webinars are easy to set-up and can go a long way with your customers. Use webinars to show the culture and vision of your brand while demonstrating how your product can address customer needs. Reach out to your audience and find out what topics are important to them. Then you can create your webinar around your base and help them tune in and stay connected. Leave time for a live Q & A session after your presentation in order to address audience concerns, promote your product, and take steps toward building a relationship with your customers.

Provide Strong Customer Service

Actively seek feedback from your customers to show them that their online shopping experience is important to you. Add polls or customer survey tools, like the survey extensions offered by Magento, to your website to collect customer feedback. These tools not only provide you with valuable information for your company to act on to better the online shopping experience, but they also let your customers know that improvement, growth, and customer satisfaction are priorities for your company. When customers post questions or concerns for your company on social media or in the comments section of your blog, make sure you address them immediately and in a positive manner. This will make your customers feel valued, and it will demonstrate that your brand cares.

Customers who have positive interactions with a business are more likely to become repeat customers, and these strategies will help your company build positive relationships with customers.

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