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Indian Store, Indian Agency- Choose Wagento

September 25, 2018 by Vijay Golani

Indian Store, Indian Agency- Choose Wagento

This entry was posted on September 25, 2018 by Vijay Golani


If you have an e-commerce business based in India, join the 3,108 other businesses in the Indian e-commerce market that have built their website using Magento. Magento has a flexible, scalable platform that is designed to handle e-commerce of all levels and deliver the best online experiences for customers.

From the homepage to checkout, and everything in between, Magento is dedicated to providing intuitive, engaging online shopping experiences. Features like Magento Business Intelligence, Magento Order Management, and Magento Commerce can provide your business with the analytics and tools needed to make the most of your data and customer segmentation, streamline the shipping process for both your customers and your company, and help your business stay as innovative and interactive as possible.

In simpler terms, Magento can help you to increase both your the rate of conversions, and your likelihood of winning repeat customers! With all of these tools available for your e-commerce business, Magento is a great platform for you to use for your online store.

Why Hire a Wagento Agency?

In order to take advantage of all the features Magento has to offer, you should enlist the help of a development company. If your e-commerce business is based in India, you would benefit from working with Wagento!

Wagento, a Magento e-commerce development company, is the ideal development company to use for building your website on Magento. Wagento offers a variety of services including Magento theme development, application and system design, custom design, and Magento training and support. This company can help you build a website that will attract customers and lead to a higher conversion rate.

In addition to these high-quality services, Wagento is ideal for e-commerce businesses based in India because of Wagento India, its global team located in Ahmedabad, India.

Work With An India-based Development and Training Staff

Wagento India is a fully staffed office of Magento experts that can help your e-commerce business take its online website to the next level. Wagento India has two Magento U certified trainers. These trainers have a strong knowledge of Magento 2 and how to use source-code and other tools to develop and customize your website, optimize your website’s functionality, and keep your customers engaged. Wagento India also has Magento certified developers, technical leads, and project managers that will help you keep your e-commerce site running smoothly and efficiently. You can visit the Magento office or contact them for 24 hour support.

Experts on Indian e-Commerce

Wagento India is also knowledgeable about the e-commerce and business trends in India. You can work with Magento’s highly trained staff to find out which features and ideas need to be implemented with your e-commerce business to ensure that you stay ahead of the curve and maximize your growth potential. If you need a development agency to help you build your website on Magento, you should use Wagento India.

For more information about Wagento India or to see which services are right for you and your online business, visit Wagento online today!