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Innovation labs - Group Buy-in Discount

April 01, 2019 by Brent W Peterson

Innovation labs - Group Buy-in Discount

This entry was posted on April 01, 2019 by Brent W Peterson

The Buy-in group discount module will enable merchants sell their products in bulk and users to get discounts by leveraging social networks to share products. 

In this first screenshot you can see that the number of items needed to get to the next level.  The help area will have Q/A and an explanation of the module.  (Help is not completed as of March 31st)

The first step is to land a product that is part of a Buy-In campaign and then click on the Join Buy-In button. 


The customer has chosen to join the Buy-In Group and will now select their product by adding to their cart. The client will also need to choose the minimum Buy-In group. For example, if their only want the $50 price then their item can be shipped at the $50 price level. They don't have to wait for the $45 price level. All items are editable later in the Account section.


The product is now added to the cart and the customer can choose which networks they would like to share to. You can choose your social sharing by clicking on the icon for that network. (All networks are not yet available but will be soon!). We will also include the new Instagram purchase feature in Phase 2 of the module. 


The user is prompted for a message, and any other information needed to share to that network. The GA version of this module will include the same 140 characters for each network, but we envision separate messaging for each network in the future. SMS, Facebook and Twitter are currently available. (And of course Email!). Phase 2 will include a wizard for each network. 


The product is now in the cart and shared to social networks. The user will now checkout. They will not be charged until period ends for the campaign. The user will always have the option to purchase the item without the social sharing or even purchase the item when one level is met. You can see this in the accounts section. (Tokenization is a requirement for this module)


If the users simply adds to the cart without joining into a group, they will be reminded in the cart that they can join the Buy-in Group. These prompts can go to other parts of the website to allow for maximum visibility of products. 


The user can see the items in the group group and the status of the item. They can see the amount of items in the group and when the Buy-In group discount date ends.  You can also see that the item can be purchased immediately. 


This is the Account page without any items in the Buy-In group


You can see a live demo here