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IRCE 2018 Brings Together Magento Power Users and Contributors

This entry was posted on June 27, 2018 by Brent W Peterson

IRCE - Internet Retailer Conference + ExhibitionOver the years, Magento has carved out a reputation for itself as one of the most community-driven e-commerce platforms on the planet. This has been due in large part to its commitment to hosting events. Both the ongoing series of free Magento webinars and IRL conferences such as Magento Live Europe have helped build the amazing Magento community that today consists of hundreds of thousands of stores, developers, and customers.

However, it is worth noting that perhaps the most important annual event for Magento is actually hosted by a third party partner. (And no, we’re not talking here about our own exciting Wagento-hosted events!) We’re talking about the Internet Retailers Conference and Exhibition. IRCE, as this world-class Chicago get-together is abbreviated, is the largest and most well-known e-commerce conference in the world. And the 2018 edition of IRCE was the best yet.

We were thrilled to network with, learn from, and do business alongside many of the most powerful names in e-commerce. In this article, we’d like to highlight a few of the Magento power users and contributors that we met and mingled with in Chicago:


shipperHQHere at Wagento, we have enough experience in the E-commerce industry to know that online sellers are only as good as the shipping solutions they have to offer. (After all, it won’t matter how awesome your product is if customers don’t receive it in a fast, convenient, and affordable fashion!) Unfortunately, many e-commerce sellers have gotten used to settling with the standard (and oftentimes rigid) shipping options offered to them by their e-commerce platform.

ShipperHQ offers e-commerce companies on Magento and a variety of other major platforms a powerful way to manage every detail of the shipping options they give their customers.From restricting shipping providers based upon geographical location, to offering special discounts, to establishing multi-origin dropshipping rules and much more -- ShipperHQ has truly revolutionized the world of product delivery, and they have rightfully earned their status as a Magento Platinum Industry Partner.

Content Cucumber

Content CucumberThe e-commerce market is growing larger every day, which poses the question: what is your business doing to stand out from all the noise? Creating original content is one of the best ways to achieve this goal, because it is a memorable way of providing free value to your target profile customers. If you can identify the topics your client base is interested in, and then offer content centered around those topics, you are almost guaranteed a steady flow of traffic, attention, and conversions.

Content Cucumber was built to help business owners who believe in providing value through content, but who don’t have the time to write their own blogs, social media posts, and email newsletters. Founded just recently in the beginning of 2018, Content Cucumber has quickly emerged in the organic marketing scene, helping e-commerce companies on a variety of platforms to share their message and reach the audiences they’ve been striving to connect with.


NexcessThe physical location of any brick a mortar store will ultimately affect nearly every every metric of that business’ success. Similarly, the virtual location of any e-commerce store -- that is to say, the website is hosted -- also plays a fundamental role in determining success or failure. After all, downtime can have a negative impact on metrics such as website traffic, conversions, and search engine optimization; and other hosting-related factors such as compliance are also growing in importance every day thanks to legislation such as GDPR.

In the world of e-commerce, perhaps no host is more trusted than Nexcess. Built upon the philosophy that hosting should be “more than just a piece of real estate where [websites] can reside,” Nexcess has made an admirable effort to serve as a partner to the thousands of businesses running their sites on its servers. Boasting a worldwide infrastructure network and some of the best performance metrics on earth, it’s easy to see why Nexcess has grown from a garage-based startup to one of the biggest players in the e-commerce industry.


Since you’re here on the Wagento blog, we won’t waste too much time preaching to the choir -- but we are proud to have participated in this year’s Internet Retailers Conference and Exhibition, and we hope to be part of many such e-commerce events in the years to come. If you are interested in learning more about how a Wagento-hosted event could help your organization continue growing -- or if you’d like to connect with us regarding custom web development for your e-commerce store -- feel free to contact Wagento today!

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