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Is India Already Outsourcing Jobs?

May 07, 2019 by Vijay Golani

Is India Already Outsourcing Jobs?

This entry was posted on May 07, 2019 by Vijay Golani


Outsourcing is a popular way to lower costs, create international partnerships and boost local economies all around the world. It’s no secret that India is a popular target for outsourcing eCommerce and IT jobs. However, the latest development may shock some in the industry: Indian companies are already outsourcing many jobs.

There are a number of factors causing this shift, and a number of implications for every business involved in customer service, eCommerce or IT services. Discover why India has begun outsourcing jobs, and how it affects your company.

Affordable Outsourcing: Mexico, Latin America, and More

Despite the common stereotype of India being the destination of all outsourced jobs, many Indian firms are beginning to outsource to other countries, like Mexico, Morocco and Latin American countries.

Part of the reason Indian companies are looking to outsource is competition. As the market shifts and rivals continue to emerge, companies look to other countries where there is a large pool of workers that is willing to be paid competitively. This is just one of the primary reasons India is looking to outsource. Take a look at other major factors that is causing this shift in the eCommerce and IT industries.

Time Zone

Much of the IT industry in India supports US customers, and the time difference between India and the US can be difficult to arrange important meetings and meet deadlines. Mexico has outsourcing potential for many Indian companies.

Whether a company is primarily in the IT or customer service industry, time zones can become a major hurdle. From last-minute meetings to midnight calls, it can be stressful for a company in India to provide US business hours for clients to call or schedule a meeting. Providing trained employees and customer service agents in Mexico and Latin America can allow an Indian company to keep up with clients in their own time zone.


From customs to conversation styles, employees in Mexico have more in common with many US clients. It’s difficult to understand the value of sharing a culture with your customers. Mexican customer service agents and IT specialists are equipped to make cultural references and have unique understandings that are difficult to achieve in-country for growing Indian businesses.

Other Indian companies are using a similar strategy to outsource to European locations, like the Czech Republic. This blend of similar cultures and values, along with a new hiring pool, makes outsourcing an attractive and potentially lucrative option for companies in India.


Employees in Mexico also benefit from more exposure to the English language, so they require less language training to work effectively with American clients. Some US customers also need customer service provided in Spanish. This opens up an incredibly diverse pool of applicants in Mexico that have unique skills not readily found in India.

The Future of Outsourcing

As Indian and multinational companies continue to expand and redefine outsourcing, it can impact the entire global economy. Outsourcing is a flexible and fast-paced concept, so it's important to keep up with the latest trends and discover where the future of outsourcing lies.

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