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Is Your Website Still Using Popup Ads?

This entry was posted on September 13, 2018 by Brent W Peterson


Let’s start with the facts: 3 in 10 Internet users are expected to be using an ad block software plugin this year. On top of that, Google has already taken significant action against ‘bad ad experiences’ by creating a version of Chrome that automatically comes with an ad blocker. The term may sound vague at first, but we all know that ‘bad ad experiences’ makes people think of one advertising tactic in particular: popups.

These notoriously intrusive windows were created way back in the 90s by a man named Ethan Zuckerman, who has since apologized for doing so. The disdain for these cheap marketing tactics is surely universal, so why are websites still using them? After all, people with ad blockers are not going to see them anyway, and that number is growing.

Ditch the Popups

There are a few reasons why popup ads can actually harm your website instead of helping it. First off, an immediate popup ad on your site can create a bad impression on the visitor. People don’t like being spammed by unwanted content, especially when they’re just trying to browse a site. The objective of a good site should not be to flash commercials in a users face, but to provide them with an attractive store to look around in.

Besides assaulting the eyes of innocent Internet users, popups can actually tank your SEO ranking on Google. The search engine takes loading speed into account for every ranking, so an unnecessary window that loads after each hit will just place your site even lower in the search results.

All in all, popup ads are just not effective anymore. They can prevent your site from gaining more visitors and cause you to miss out on the better methods of website monetization.

Modern Monetization

Get with the program by signing up for more current and less intrusive forms of making money for your website.

Google AdSense

One of the most popular ad programs right now is Google’s AdSense. If you’re accepted to the program, Google will place boxes of ads on your site that are contextual to the nature of the website. It draws information from its vast advertising network in order to shows customers content that is more related to their interests. The program requires zero effort and you’ll get a sweet share for every click the ad receives.

Build Your Email List

Another simple approach to making more money is to collect more visitor information. Acquiring the email of a potential customer gives you special access to their attention even well after they’ve left your site. By sending a weekly newsletter or occasional promo codes, you can keep your customers excited about you products and make sure that they come back for more.

Affiliate Marketing

Perhaps there is a company that relates to the content of your site that you’d like to attach your name to. It doesn’t necessarily have to be in competition with your site for sales, but you can highlight its products if you genuinely believe that it would benefit you or your site’s visitors. By signing up for an affiliate program, you can get a cut for every product that you help endorse and sell for another company.

Create or Optimize Your Own E-commerce Store

The ultimate way to capitalize on the money making potential of a website is to make your own full-fledged online store. Professional teams of developers like Wagento help people build the perfect website for selling anything online.Get in touch with us today so we can discuss your e-commerce needs.

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