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Laura Trejo - The Women of Magento: Developing the Platform Wonder Woman Style

This entry was posted on January 09, 2018 by Saurabh Parikh

The Magento Ecommerce platform is continuously evolving. In this ever changing environment it is always exciting seeing what new faces pop up each year to bring a new perspective to the table. While women are still underrepresented in many areas of technology, many of the well-known movers and shakers in the Magento ecosystem are women. Some are veterans who have been involved since the early days of Magento and some are newer to the Magento world.

Magenticians has compiled a list of some of the most prominent women working in the Magento ecosystem today including Wagento’s own Full-Stack Developer Laura Trejo! This list doesn’t include everyone making a difference in the Magento ecosystem but as you will see, these women work in every area of technology from Product Management to Architecture to Development and everything in between. We hope you enjoy getting to know some of The Women of Magento.

(Article reposted with permission from Magenticians)

The Women of Magento: Developing the Platform Wonder Woman Style

The world of tech is filled to the brim with men, and it is but a stereotype that the presence of women is almost nonexistent in the techworld.

The Magento Women

We couldn’t be more wrong, though. The COO of Facebook, Sheryl Sandberg, is one of the most powerful figures in the technology sector. Susan Wojcicki is the CEO of YouTube, while Meg Whitman is at the helm of HP’s success. However, today we’ll focus on the ladies that make splashes in the world of Magento.

Being one of the most popular ecommerce platforms in the world, Magento requires the nourishment of some of the brightest and smartest minds around, and the following list of women involved with Magento are the stars that shine!

Have a look at the most prominent women figures in the world of Magento:

Sherrie Rohde Rebecca Brocton Sonja Riesterer Carmen Bremen Jenna Warren

Sherrie Rohde
Community Manager at Magento

Rebecca Brocton
Ingenico Channel Manager & Magento Certified Solution Specialist at Ingenico ePayments

Sonja Riesterer
Marketing Manager at integer_net GmbH

Carmen Bremen
Magento Freelancer at

Jenna Warren
EVP & Magento Certified Solution Specialist at Creatuity Corp

Simone Zuurveld Anna Völkl Irene Iaccio Andra Lungu Lorena Ramonda

Simone Zuurveld
Magento Developer at BoldCommerce

Anna Völkl
Lead Magento Developer at E-CONOMIX GmbH

Irene Iaccio
Magento frontend developer at Bitbull srl

Andra Lungu
Magento developer at Bitbull srl

Lorena Ramonda
Magento Front End Developer at Bitbull srl

Karen Baker Joke Puts Claudia Teubner Laura Folco Kimberly Thomas

Karen Baker
Founder at ShipperHQ

Joke Puts
IT Consultant at PHPro

Claudia Teubner
Freelance Magento Developer

Laura Folco
Freelance Developer at LauraFolco

Kimberly Thomas
Practice Leader at Magento Services

Danielle Mundle Tetiana Soroka Laura Trejo Nadia Sala Thien-Lan Weber

Danielle Mundle
UX Researcher at Magento Commerce

Tetiana Soroka
Senior Product Manager at Magento Commerce

Laura Trejo
Software Engineer at Wagento Commerce

Nadia Sala
Web Developer at Bitbull srl

Thien-Lan Weber
Chief Marketing Officer at OneStepCheckout

Zuhra Ujkanovic Olena Sadoma Momoko Asaka Vicky Laurijssen Diana Botean

Zuhra Ujkanovic
Magento Developer at Polo Motorrad und Sportswear GmbH

Olena Sadoma
Client Success Manager at Atwix

Momoko Asaka
Secretary at Asia Pacific Career Development Association

Vicky Laurijssen
IT Consultant at PHPro

Diana Botean
Magento Developer

Maria Kern Federica Villata      

Maria Kern
Senior Frontend Architect at netz98

Federica Villata
UI / UX Designer & Front End Developer at Bitbull srl




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