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Mage Titans Austin – An Event of Magento Goodness

This entry was posted on August 07, 2017 by Saurabh Parikh


Mage Titans an event for Magento developers, designed and curated by Magento developers.

Mage Titans hosts a number of Magento events for developers and designers around the world. This non-profit event is a great resource for the Magento developer community. Mage Titans is a 3-day event in Austin Texas, USA, hosted by Wagento including speakers, workshops, training, breakout sessions, as well as a great opportunity for networking. Developers gather and share their thoughts, discuss their difficulties, and increase their skills and knowledge.

Mage Titans is open to all levels of Magento developers. Learn new things, get inspired and network with your fellow developers while enjoying a variety of presentations and panel discussions. There will also be an opportunity to provide feedback, so if there are any topics you’d like us to cover at future events, we want to know!

The 3 Cs - Mage Titans Aim

Mage Titans’ aim is to connect, collaborate, and contribute with the Magento community. This conference offers a valuable opportunity to join Magento experts in exploratory discussions.

What’s the difference between Meet Magento, Magento Live and Mage Titans?

Magento Live is an event run by Magento. The focus is primarily on merchants with keynotes aiming at showcasing the latest features, benefits and customer successes on the platform.

Meet Magento events are overseen by the Meet Magento Association and run by volunteers in the local Magento community of a specific area.

Mage Titans is mainly for Magento developers. It’s really about sharing knowledge  and collaborating. It’s a non-profit organization, and all profits go to a local charity.

Event Details:

September 14th Event workshops and training
September 15th Mage Titans Event
September 16th Magento Developer Focused Workshops

MageDemo - Magento Feature Demo Competitions

Wagento is introducing a new MageDemo concept at Mage Titans Austin Texas, 2017

If you or your team has a idea or working technology about a Magento extension, feature, or product,  give a 15 minutes live demo on stage in Austin, Texas. This must be a live demo not a PowerPoint presentation. If your demo is selected your team will get free tickets to Mage Titans! (Up to 4 teams will be selected).

Ticket Details:

Early Bird: $150.00
Sale Ends August 8h , 2017

Regular: $200.00
Sale Ends  September 14th , 2017

Same Day: $250.00
Sale Ends September 15th , 2017

Please follow @MageTitansUS and @wagento on Twitter for more updates.

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