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Mage Titans Mexico 2018 - Highlights

This entry was posted on March 05, 2018 by Brent W Peterson

On March 1st, Mage Titans Mexico 2018, organized by Wagento Commerce, took place in Mexico City.

The event was held at the Hotel Sevilla Palace in Mexico City with over 200 attendees from Mexico, Latin America, and the US.

Mage Titans is an event for Magento Professionals, by Magento Professionals. A non-profit Magento conference that appeals to Magento developers as well as sales and marketing people. An opportunity to connect, contribute, and collaborate with our community.


There were many great talks focused on different areas of development, skill sets and experience – there was something for everyone! The extra level of technical insight / detail at a Mage Titans event is what sets them apart from other Magento conferences. 

Here are some highlights from the event: 

Opening remarks by Brent Peterson

Andrew Devlyn shared his customer-centric approach to digital transformation

Andrew Devlyn shared his thoughts on combining offline and online businesses with Magento

Tadeo Barranco spoke about Magento as opensource

Ben Marks - Important things learned at Mage Titans Mexico 2018

Question and Answer during the session

Magento is more than eCommerce

Laura Trejo shared her knowledge about the Progressive Web Apps.

Challenges for eCommerce in Mexico:

Trends in eCommerce.

GraphQL in Magento

Importance of Marketing Automation and Business Intelligence

Closing keynotes by Ben Marks

After party at Mage Titans Mexico

B2B Commerce Workshop at MercadoLibre

Magento Contribution Day at MercadoLibre

Congratulations to the Wagento Team

Mage Titans Mexico 2018 was a great success and we’d all like to say a big thank you to our sponsors, speakers, and our support team. See you all next year!

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