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Magento 2.1 Performance Updates Coming Next Week

This entry was posted on April 06, 2017 by Monica Childs

2.1.6 Product Release

Building on our recent product quality updates, we are releasing several exciting performace enhancements next week. The new releases, Enterprise Edition, Enterprise Cloud Edition, and Community Edition 2.1.6, will include:

  • Quicker category page performace: Loading configurable products is up to 5x faster, stock validations are 20% faster, and price calculations are 3-5% faster. 
  • Optimized image resizing: Reducitons in the number of images requested improve image resizing performace by 30%. Effective caching of image metadata accelerates page loading by up to 50%.
  • Improved layered navigation performace: Caching attribute options improves performace by 3%.

In preparation for these updates, we are providing draft release notes for your review. Please keep this information confidential and understand that the release notes may change prior to release. If you have any comments on the notes, please share them with your Channel Development or Partner Manager. We will confirm the final release date and content one day before the code is made publicly available. 

These performance enhancements provide yet another reason to move to Magento 2.1. Encourage your customers to explore the powerful features out latest Edition has to offer, including the ability to launch new campaigns faster using content staging and preview, easily scale site search with Elasticsearch, and increase conversation rates with enhanced payment options.

Thank you.



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