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Magento B2B - All You Need To Know!

September 24, 2018 by Brent W Peterson

Magento B2B - All You Need To Know!

This entry was posted on September 24, 2018 by Brent W Peterson


Magento Commerce for B2B is the industry-leading B2B ecommerce solution that empowers you to improve operational efficiency, deliver better customer service, and grow your sales. It’s rich set of built-in B2B capabilities, easy customization and backend integration, and proven toolset for creating compelling shopping experiences enable you to transform purchasing for business customers in less time, and with a lower TCO, than any other solution.

And for merchants who need to sell to both businesses and consumers, Magento Commerce enables you to create powerful shopping experiences for both audiences on the same platform. Consolidating on one platform enables you operate more efficiently, present a more consistent brand experience, and reduce your IT footprint and TCO.

Magento B2B Benefits

  • Integrate with any backend system using extensive APIs and off-the-shelf extensions
  • Customize your site to meet any need with an open, flexible architecture
  • Easily handle B2B operations with built-in support for account management, RFQs, custom catalogs and pricing, rapid ordering, and more
  • Create shopping experiences that delight and drive growth using proven merchandising, personalization, promotional, and content capabilities
  • Support your buyers through any channel with a solution ready for B2B, B2C, mobile, and assisted sales
  • Understand core business drivers to maximize sales with Magento Analytics

Magento B2B Supporting Capabilities

Magento offers everything needed to easily transform customer relationships and buying experiences.

Unique B2B Needs

Built-in B2B features:

  • Account Management
  • Create and Manage Company Accounts
  • Support as many buyers as needed and multi-tiered company hierarchies
  • Set buyer roles and permissions Accept payment on credit and manager credit status
  • Support quote requests (RFQs)
  • Create and assign custom catalogs and pricing to companies to support negotiated contracts
  • Enable fast ordering
  • Quick ordering by SKU
  • Reorder from prior orders
  • Create requisition lists with frequently purchased products

Easy Customization:

  • Open, modern and flexible architecture
  • Supported by a global network of solution providers with B2B expertise
Easy Integration
  • Modular code and robust, extendable APIs enable you to integrate Magento with any back end solution
  • Off-the-shelf connectors are available for popular back end systems, including Microsoft, SAP, Sage, Netsuite, and Epicor
  • Magento is supported by a global network of solution partners with deep experience in integrating Magento and B2B backend systems
  • Large players like Hybris, Oracle and IBM will push to replace existing ERP systems with their own, making a project much more complex, costly and slow.
Shopping Experience
  • Magento Commerce is a mobile-ready solution with responsive design reference themes that merchant can customize
  • Customer segmentation and personalization enables merchants to dynamically display content, promotions and pricing to specific customer segments
  • Dynamic Rule-Based Product Relations automates targeted up-selling and cross-selling to increase average order value
  • Content Staging and Preview and visual merchandising tools make it faster and easier to launch new products, content, and campaigns
  • Powerful Elastisearch and Layered Navigation guides shoppers to the right products fast to help boost conversion rates
  • The same tools and technology that made Magento Commerce a leader in B2C eCommerce are now available to B2B customers
B2B and B2C
  • Magento Commerce includes the core Magento platform capabilities plus a full suite of rich-B2B tools
  • Merchants can manage multiple sites (B2B/ B2C, multi language, multibrand) from the same platform and administrative interface

Magento B2B Features

Magento will offer a rich set of native B2B functionality, including

Corporate account management:

Support sales to corporate accounts with multiple buyers and varying organizational structures. Companies can set roles and permissions to control the actions each buyer can take.

  • Associate multiple users to single account
  • Save address, tax information, Save address, and comments
  • Associate a sales rep to each company for support
  • Extend credit to companies and allow for purchases on account
  • Control quoting and payment methods for each company
  • Set status for accounts and control ability to order control
  • Set an administrator user who can manage company from the can manage company from the frontend
  • Accept requests for new company accounts from the frontend frontend
  • Define custom catalog and pricing for companies


Efficiently manage quote requests for large or configurable orders and negotiate pricing using a streamlined workflow. Quotes are also supported by APIs so they can be processed by an external system.

  • Buyer can ask for a custom discount on a set of products
  • Allows for negotiation and comments
  • Shipping can be optionally included in a quote
  • Locking prevents conflicting updates by seller and buyerMerchant can define a minimum amount for quotes
  • Entire process supported by email notifications
  • Expiration date can be defined for each quote offer
  • All history of negotiation quote is preserved in frontend and admin panel

Quick ordering:

Drive recurring revenue with fast, friction-free ordering. Customers can enter or upload SKUs, use requisition lists for frequently purchased items, or simply re-order previous orders to accelerate the purchase process.

  • Easily build an order from specific SKUs
  • Enter single SKUs or cut and paste multiple SKUs 
  • All input validated against stock on hand and assigned catalog
  • Search by SKU or product name
  • Supports .csv file upload for bulk entry
  • Add directly to cart from Quick Order for checkout or quoting

Custom catalogs and pricing:

Ensure customers receive the right products and pricing online with the ability to create custom catalogs and personalized price lists for groups of customers or individual companies.

  • Create custom catalogs for Company accounts
  • Control product and category visibility
  • Set custom prices
  • Set fixed or dynamic prices
  • Easily assign a catalog to multiple companies
  • Catalog controls frontend experience
    • Browsing
    • Search
    • Pricing

Backend integration:

Easily integrate with any ERP, CRM or other backend systems using extensive APIs and off-the-shelf extensions.

  • APIs designed to simplify and enable ERP integrations 
  • Same authentication and documentation as existing core M2 APIs
  • REST APIs for new features
    • Company
    • Company Credit
    • Shared Catalog
    • Tier Prices (also in core)
    • Quotes

Payments on credit:

Simplify purchasing by accepting payments on account. Stay in control with tools to monitor available credit and prevent purchases when credit limits are exceeded.

Your site shows the power of the Magento platform to create powerful customer experiences. But, did you know that Magento can also help you grow B2B sales? Do you have time to speak? We can show you how to quickly bring your B2B sales online using new B2B features.

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