Magento for B2B: Tips for Winning Over New Buyers

October 08, 2020 by Brent W Peterson

Magento for B2B: Tips for Winning Over New Buyers

This entry was posted on October 08, 2020 by Brent W Peterson
Although B2B eCommerce is becoming more and more popular among buyers, online retailers often struggle to connect with this new audience when they begin catering to this developing market. These clients have high standards for their online shopping experiences, but their business can turn into lucrative long-term relationships that both you and your customers will benefit from. The key is to understand what B2B buyers are looking for when searching for a new provider.

According to both experts and online shoppers from around the globe, here are some of the most effective ways you can win over customers and begin nurturing those valuable business partnerships:

Keep Yourself Updated

Marketing strategies and customer preferences are constantly changing, so you can’t afford not to frequently research your target market. Not conducting proper research can leave you advertising on the wrong platforms, creating ineffective content, and discouraging potential clients.

Shelby Paolella, the Director of Content Marketing for 310Creative, recommends looking into the following areas that you shouldn’t ignore when it comes to developing your marketing campaigns:

  • The market niche. You should be well-versed in your specific market category and stay up-to-date on the latest relevant technologies, news, and competitor strategies.
  • Your target organizations. Doing a brief search of your potential clients’ businesses will help you recognize who are the main decision-makers and what the buying approval process may look like.
  • Current pain points. Ask yourself what your audience struggles with, wants, or needs for their companies. How can your products alleviate their concerns and help improve their business?
  • Data. Research key performance indicators (KPIs) to understand relevant keywords to incorporate into your content, but don’t forget about the analytics on your own site. KPIs like site traffic, cart abandonment, and conversion rates can give you deeper insights about your audience.

Prioritize the Customer Experience

Online shoppers expect to have unique buying experiences that take their individual preferences into account when recommending other products and content. To specifically appeal to B2B clients, merchants need to be prepared to deliver personalized journeys for every individual who visits their site. Some ways to improve personalization include:

  • Encouraging clients to make profiles so you can easily keep track of their preferences and past buying history.
  • Segmenting clients into specific groups to ensure that the right audience will view the content or ads that are most likely to appeal to them.
  • Making it simple for customers to submit feedback or suggestions for your company.
  • Implementing AI or AR features that further enrich each client’s experience.
  • Utilizing AI or machine learning technologies to help you develop more effective marketing tactics based on prior data.
  • Recruiting more customer service representatives to address pre-purchase questions and concerns.
  • Sending personalized emails to boost engagement.

Create Valuable Content

One of the main differences between B2C customers and B2B buyers is that the latter group typically wants more detailed information that most individual consumers aren’t interested in. Appealing to B2B clients through content marketing can be extremely effective when done correctly, so you should invest in content that specifically caters to this market. Consider the following ideas when your goal is to win over B2B buyers:

  • Write up a case study to show your company’s trustworthiness and expertise.
  • Create how-to articles that walk people through situations that they can relate to (for example, a cosmetics retailer may post a tutorial for using a new product).
  • Research a current trend in your industry and summarize major findings within a single blog post. People with limited time will turn to your content for fast facts instead of combing through several sources to get a well-rounded perspective of the trend!
  • Interview a well-known industry professional and share the video or podcast clip on your website and social media platforms.
  • Feature client testimonials on your site to improve transparency.

Improve Shipping and Fulfillment

Did you know that approximately 60% of online shoppers abandon their carts due to concerns about the shipping process? In order to gain the confidence of B2B buyers, retailers need to take advantage of multiple shipping carriers, show transparency by allowing customers to track their packages, and adopt an agile approach to shipping and fulfillment.

To learn how to enact these top tips (and more), download Wagento’s white paper, 6 Tips For Winning B2B Buyers, to help your eCommerce site attract and retain loyal B2B customers.