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Magento Imagine 2018 - Day 1 Snippets

This entry was posted on May 01, 2018 by Saurabh Parikh

Magento Imagine 2018 has officially begun at Wynn Las Vegas! This year was no different, Imagine Commerce 2018 kick-started at Wynn Las Vegas in an amazing way. It's a legendary conference that has determined to be especially encouraging and instructive with 100+ session from 150+ speakers while also managing to be a whole lot of fun. Excitement is in the air as 3,000 attendees including Merchants, Partners, Developers, Magento development Companies and Open Source enthusiasts, from over 50 countries, arrive for three days of networking, collaboration, cutting-edge sessions and, of course, imagination!

The best thing about Magento is its community that is very much into events of all description. These events provide a great opportunity for networking and related activities. Wagento attended this conference and is proud to present you with the day 1 highlights



Best way to kick off with a special session on Mobile & Millennials – Payments Best Practices for 2018 and Beyond.

Key takeaways from the @PayPal's Mobile & Millennials – Payments Best Practices for 2018 and Beyond panel session are

Magento presents PWA Studio

PWA Standard Theme

Magento PWA Studio will both improve shopping and developer experience

Event Sourcing in MSI

Magento PWA Studio will both improve shopping and developer experience

Magento MSI helps to scale checkout even for those merchants who has Single Stock Inventory

2018 Shaping Up to the Be a Record Year

Outcome Based Segmentation

Magento Commerce Cloud Deployments - so easy a CEO can do it

Free express shipping is not a scaled service

Magento announced Peregrine a collection of UI components for the Magento PWA

History of Chatbots

Improvement in customer retention

Why M1 -> M2 migrations

How Tappy voice assistant works

6 Use Cases how Voice can optimize customer experience in digital commerce

Voice Commerce Sales 2017, 2022 in US & UK

What actions do your want you to promote?

Magento event code of conduct

202 merged community pull requests

B2B personalization: example rewards

Four Pro Tips for Journey Mapping

The finished Journey Map for a shopping.

Magento MSI technical details

5 essential marketing tools to accelerate your business

A few takeaways from Day 1 at Imagine

Phillip Jackson shared his #RoadToImagine

Mention of 3 Indians by Magento CEO amongst illustrious inspirational leaders

Magento vision, mission and key values.

Magento merchant sales grow 80% faster than on any other platform.

Trends for Magento Imagine over the next 3 days

Magento is the top contributed PHP platform in the world

5 pillars for your moto

Magento achievements in the last year

Amazing humility and great lessons learnt from the music industry with Universal Music consumer group.

Peter Sinclair of Universal Music Group shares 3 lessons

Commerce is about experiences

Thoughts about Money that takes it beyond just a transaction:

Money is mobile

Money is inherently social

Three key trends in #retail

To thrive, retailers need to slay the old orthodoxies.

Importance of Magento Community

What kinds of goals can you set for yourself

Eating, drinking, dancing, singing, relaxing at the party Magento Imagine

Time for food and drinks

Day 1 of the event concluded with a lot of happy smiles and satisfied professionals who either gained from, learned from or contributed to the event, we believe the remaining two days will be even more exciting. Be sure to check out our blog for the further updates. Don't forget that you can also follow us on Twitter @Wagento.

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