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Magento Imagine 2018 - Day 2 Snippets

May 01, 2018 by Saurabh Parikh

Magento Imagine 2018 - Day 2 Snippets

This entry was posted on May 01, 2018 by Saurabh Parikh

Day 2 of Magento Imagine is off to a great start and we was excited, and fired up for the second day of Magento Imagine. Here are some highlights from day 2.



Starting the day with Mage Yoga

Mage Yoga ended with laughing therapy 😂

Magento Masters 2018! Congratulations guys!

New Amazon marketplace and fulfilment integrations for Magento

Amazon Pay will be soon available in #magento 2.2.4

First developer ad placed by Jeff Bezos

Great quote at Magento Imagine

Great quote at Magento Imagine

Marketplace has been revamped

AI - Price management

New in Magento 2.3: GraphQL supports starts

New in Magento 2.3: Setup declarative schemas are now in XML format

New in Magento 2.3: Now Asynchronous Web API and Asynchronous Bulk API in Magento 2.3

New in Magento 2.3: Message queue support now available

New in Magento 2.3: Elasticsearch 5 support in #magento open source

New in Magento 2.3: Instant Purchase feature

New in Magento 2.3: Two Factor Authentication feature

New in Magento 2.3: Security features ReCaptcha

New in Magento 2.3: Cache Management ACL

New in Magento 2.3: PWA Studio and PWA theme

New in Magento 2.3: Initial support PHP 7.2

Key features of #Magento 2.3:

Key features of #Magento 2.3:

  • PWA (Progressive Web App)
  • GraphQL - new Web API - flexible and fast - to help facilitate PWA (some features not till 2.4)
  • Declarative DB schema (facilitates rollbacks + more), old way deprecated in future (2.4+)
  • Asynchronous Web API (+ bulk web API)
  • Message Queue moved to Open Source
  • Elasticsearch moved to Open Source and supports v5
  • PHP 7.2 support - breaking changes and mycrypt compatibility support
  • mycrypt replaced with libsodium in future patch version
  • Removal of many Zend framework dependencies
  • Composer package versions removed from composer.json
  • MSI (Multi Source Inventory) - largest M2 community project
  • WYSIWYG upgrade - TinyMCE from v3 -> v4 (3 still supported until 2.4)
  • Import / export improvements
  • Fine grained cache management ACL  turn off those flush buttons for merchants
  • Google reCaptcha and 2FA 

New in Magento 2.3: Page Builder

Magento Page Builder release schedule

Page Builder Content Elements

Pagebuilder preview

Magento Page Builder features list

How to Get the Pagebuilder

Trust is the most important factor in online decision making

The four takeaways of ERP Integrations

Machine Learning's Big Impact on Commerce

Virtual try on of glasses as one of the innovations in @magento innovations lab

Enable PayPal Credit on Magento 1 or 2

Technology + people = success in Machine Learning

An intriguing new PHP distribution/licensing mechanism.

Test the digital wallet options

Announcement of The Magento Imagine Excellence Awards

The Magento Imagine Excellence Awards Winners Are:

  • Rural King – with Creatuity for Best-In-Class Fulfillment Category
  • Helly Hansen – with Vaimo for Best Sales Channel Growth Category
  • Retail Apparel Group – with Netstarter for B2C Growth Category
  • Dufry – with Interactiv4 for Global Expansion Category
  • Watsco – with Perficient Digital and Gravity Department for B2B Growth Category
  • Regis Corp – with Perficient Digital for Best B2B Buyer Experience Category
  • Neom Organics – with JH for Best Mobile Experience Category
  • Riese & Müller – with Netz98 for Best Use Of Customer Insights Category
  • Cox & Cox – with Space48 for Best Magento Upgrade Category
  • eobuwie.pl SA – with SNOW.DOG for Most Innovative Customer Experience Category
  • Vink – with Youwe for Best Overall B2b Implementation Category
  • Custom Plugs – with Pinpoint Designs for Best Commerce Launch Category

Day 2 of the event concluded with a lot of happy smiles and satisfied professionals who either gained from, learned from or contributed to the event, we believe the remaining two days will be even more exciting. Be sure to check out our blog for the further updates. Don't forget that you can also follow us on Twitter @Wagento.