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Magento Imagine 2018 - Day 3 Snippets

This entry was posted on May 01, 2018 by Saurabh Parikh

Day 3 at Imagine in Las Vegas saw the best of a very eventful three day conference. Mark Lavelle and Jamie Foxx had great banter last night. Carrying that energy into Day 3! The last few days have been a blast & we are excited to hear from the keynotes on how Magento will help the ever-changing and increasingly competitive world of commerce, businesses to think fast, innovate and to win  – here are the highlights:



New way to deploy static content to minimize deploy time

Cloud cost comparison.

Things to know about development in the cloud

Areas for improvement in the Magento Commerce Cloud.

The good things about deploying on the Magento Commerce Cloud

Tips & recommendations for the Magento Commerce Cloud

Meet Magento Heroes

Meet Magento Association becomes Magento Association

For startup or small magento agencies, a new partner programm is available

Top 2018 commerce priorities

4 drivers in commerce

New revolutions for superior shopping experiences

Magento PWA Studio

Next Magento release comes on May 2

Top Magento Community Contributors

Magento Imagine 2019 next year is on May 13-15, 2019 at Wynn, Las Vegas.

This is the end of the Magento Imagine conference but stay connected with us and be sure to check out our blog for the further Magento updates. Don't forget that you can also follow us on Twitter @Wagento.

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