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MagentoU Trainer Profile: Vijay Golani

January 08, 2019 by Wagento Marketing

MagentoU Trainer Profile: Vijay Golani

This entry was posted on January 08, 2019 by Wagento Marketing

Vijay Golani Profile Picture

As one of Wagento’s certified Magento trainers, Vijay Golani travels the world teaching up-and-coming website developers how to master the art of building e-commerce stores. He uses his widespread reach to influence students across the globe as well as in India, where he is currently based as Wagento's Teach Lead and Operation Manager in Ahmedabad.

Why Magento?

Golani began his career as a Java developer, but the effects of the 2008 global recession caused him to look elsewhere for employment. He ended up working with Magento at his new job, and he has stuck to it since. Looking back on the switch, Golani considers it to be the best decision of his life. By working with Magento’s cutting-edge software, he was able to learn and accomplish more than he ever could’ve hoped in his earlier career.

Favorite Projects

Golani is very proud to be a part of several of Magento’s biggest projects in the past decade. Among them, he is particularly fond of his involvement in launching the Magento Marketplace at Imagine 2016. This revolutionary store offers Magento developers complete access to all of the platform’s powerful extensions and features.

Without doubt, helping to deliver the Magento Marketplace was a big achievement, but Golani maintains that becoming a MagentoU trainer is the one thing that he is most proud of. Since joining Wagento as a certified instructor, he has traveled to the USA, Mexico, Bolivia, Germany, and the UK teaching. Putting his travel to good use, he has learned from and taught a truly diverse pool of developers that will go on to use Magento in their future projects.

Teaching Experience

Far from just enjoying the travel involved in his job, Golani is truly inspired by his students. One of his favorite experiences is regularly seeing a sense of accomplishment in a student, even if they’ve only been studying for a matter of days. For instance, the look of satisfaction that a student has after learning how to make custom modules in just five days is one that never gets old. By showing his students how to work the basic foundations of Magento’s ultra-customizable software, he opens up a new world for them to explore and create in. Golani claims that he can take a student with zero Magento knowledge and make them a champ in less than a week. Magento’s steep learning curve is no match for this globetrotting developer.


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