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Meet Magento India 2018 - Key Twitter Highlights

January 10, 2018 by Saurabh Parikh

Meet Magento India 2018 - Key Twitter Highlights

This entry was posted on January 10, 2018 by Saurabh Parikh

The first ever Meet Magento Conference took place in Ahmedabad on January 6th, 2018.  Wagento organized the event with the anticipation of 100-150 people. In the end, we had 350 attendees across three halls.  The entire event was organized by the Wagento India team so you could say it was the first Magento event organized by Indian developers for Indian developers!

We would like to highlight just a few of the 100's of tweets that were generated at the event. 

Meet Magento India 2018 - Key Twitter Highlights

The goal for MM18IN was to connect all groups of attendees at the conference whether they were merchants, developers or solution providers. Every attendee was able to find information and new ideas for their own business development. The main topics at the conference were B2B, Magento 2, Community Engineering, Cloud Application, Conversational Commerce, Loyalty points, Magento's Capabilities, Impact of Magento in India and much more...

This year’s agenda was interesting, informative and encompassed a wide range of topics for developers, merchants and the entire Magento community.

Below are just a few of the highlights!

Wagento Commerce India team working hard for the event

Brent Peterson Chief Magento Evangelist and Agency Coach at Wagento Commerce starts event with Welcome Remarks

MARK LENHARD - SVP, Strategy & Growth from Magento shared Business Momentum & Roadmap and his thought on this as below:

  • Magento Powers with Top-tire brands in APAC
    • 31 Magento 2 Trained Solution Partners
    • 1,092 Magento Certifications
    • 1,004 Individual Certified Developers
    • 1,025 Magento 2 Trained Individuals
  • Sharing Magento Certification Program—Roadmap
  • Announcing Magento Live 2018 in India

Narsi Subramanian - Director Growth at PayPal shared Keynote and his thought on this as below:

  • Gig-economy of India
  • His journey and how he become from Nar to Narayan
  • PayPal trusted partner of India
  • PayPal checkout for Indian market

Bharat Sharma – Founder of Monsoon Consulting shared Context Driven Commerce in B2B and his thought on this as below:

  • B2B – Opportunity in India
  • B2B – typical characteristics of a client
  • B2B – typical Functionality and Future trends
Monika Agarwal - E-Commerce Consultant at SunArc Technologies Pvt Ltd. shared Driving retail sales through loyalty points and her thought on this as below:
  • Why so much focus on Loyalty Points
  • What is wrong with current Loyalty Points
  • Loyalty Points in Magento EE
  • Differentiation on Blockchain
Dr. G. Ananthakrishnan – Tech. Architect of AI at Codilar Technologies shared Magento, a tryst with AI and his thought on this as below:
  • Analytic Vs Artificial Intelligence
  • AI in eCommerce
  • AI meets Magento

Miguel Balparda – Magento Master shared Making your life easier with the CLI and his thought on this as below:

  • Clean Vs Flush
  • About Default Mode / Developer Mode / Procution Mode
  • Create your own command

Stefan Willkommer – Founder and CEO of TechDivision GmbH shared The story about selling the unicorn

David Manners - Community Engineer at Magento shared How to edit the core and his thought on this as below:

  • Can Magento be developed in a collaborative public manner?
  • How Can Vinai, as a community member, contribute into Magento?
  • Want to develop the Magento core?
  • Join 1000+ developers in the Community Engineering Slack Channel. Email request to engcom@magento.com

Jeries Eadeh - VP of Channel Sales at Nexcess shared Understanding Cloud Application Management and his thought on this as below:

  • Shared hosting and Dedicated Hosting
  • Enterprise Cluster Environment
  • Virtual Servers and Cloud Computing

Shaktisinh Thakor and Chandran Mudaliar from Wagento Commerce shared Successful implementation of Magento B2B and their thoughts on this as below:

  • Why Magento stepped into B2B?
  • Magento B2B features
  • B2B Case Study

Vinai Kopp - Freelance Web Developer and 2 time Magento Master shared TDD Magento Code Kata and his thought on this as below:

  • What is Code Kata
  • The 3 Phases of TDD
  • Magento 2 total model
  • What does Kata teach?

Nirmal Arya - Solution Architect at Cognizant Technology Solutions shared Conversational Commerce : Add Alexa Skills to Magento Store and his thought on this as below:

  • What is Conversational commerce?
  • Why not Alexa for purchasing on Magento?
  • Alexa upside and downside
  • Alexa Taxonomy
  • Alexa Tools that help
Mohan Natarajan - Head of Extensions at DCKAP shared How Magento 2.2 helps for B2B Merchants and his thought on this as below:
  • Key B2B eCommerce features
  • Magento 2.2 B2B features
  • Third Party extensions and customized B2B features

Sulagno Mukherjee - Business Development Manager at APPSeCONNECT shared Extending Magento's Capabilities to Increase Efficiency and Accelerate Growth and his thought on this as below:

  • What makes Magento special?
  • Interesting numbers about Magento
  • The need for several business application
  • Integration Options

Pradip Shah - CEO of Rrap Software & Founder of luroConnect shared Magento Scaling and Performance and his thought on this as below:

  • Cloud Vs Bare Metal
  • Comparing server performance
  • Tips for writing Good code
  • Caching / Queuing / Laning / Architecture / Sharding

Vikrant Shukla - Magento Certified Solution Specialist shared Impact of Magento in India and his thought on this as below:

  • Indian IT Industry
  • India’s Growth Globally and Growth of Ecommerce
  • Origin of Magento
  • Evolution of Magento
  • Magento in India

Eugene Shakhsuvarov - Software Engineer at Magento shared Magento 2 Technical Guideline and his thought on this as below:

  • Magento 2 Technical Guidelines
  • Basic Principles
  • Class Design
  • Interception
  • Exception Handling
  • Application Layers

Vatsal K Shah - Thinker, Speaker & Transformer at Pragmatic Consultancy shared Commerce Beyond Code and his thought on this as below:

  • How do common eCommerce development project's workflow look like?
  • Missing - Customer centric culture
  • Myth to be broken
  • Key areas of improvement

Ben Marks - Magento Evangelist at Magento Inc. shared closing Keynote and his thought on this as below:

  • Community
  • Care
  • Feeding
  • Encouragement
  • Collaboration