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Meet Wagento’s MagentoU Training Team!

October 11, 2018 by Brent W Peterson

Meet Wagento’s MagentoU Training Team!

This entry was posted on October 11, 2018 by Brent W Peterson




As an authorized MagentoU training partner, Wagento has four certified trainers that roam the world teaching students on Magento. By empowering the next generation of website developers on the world’s most advanced e-commerce platform, these teachers hope to set a new standard for online stores across the globe. Aimed at developers who wish to build on their skills including site architecture and terminology, MagentoU gives emerging developers the tools necessary to fully utilize and extend Magento’s functionality in future projects.

Our instructors have designed a course that teaches students how to customize basic websites on Magento. It also deals with other essential developer functions like the layout system and maintenance of databases. After taking this course, the developers will have a solid understanding of Magento’s core structure and how to build customizations on any site. Available as an online, self-paced, or in-person class, MagentoU can teach anyone the basics of website design.

The Trainers

Vijay Golani, Sanjay Patel, Joe Shelton, and David Velasquez all weighed in on their experiences as certified Magento trainers. While Golani and Patel are based in India and Velasquez resides half a world away in Bolivia and finally, Joe is in warm and sunny Minneapolis. The four trainers all had similar reasons for becoming certified in Magento. They found that Magento’s platform, although challenging to master, is incredibly rewarding due to its incredible customization capabilities. Once they started their first projects on Magento, they realized that they were hooked on it and never looked back. Today, they each hold the rank of one of the most qualified Magento developers on the planet.

One of the things that these teachers look forward to most is the chance to train new developers in the Magento craft. They enjoy overseeing the development of these trainees as they learn new skills and, eventually, are able to make custom modules in a matter of days. Although it can be challenging to explain some of the platform’s more complicated functions, the end result is always worth it to them.

These trainers aren’t just limited to the classroom either; they have active lifestyles as truly worldwide developers. Vijay, for example, has traveled to the USA, Mexico, Bolivia, Germany, and the UK all since he joined Wagento. The global experience that these trainers possess is invaluable to up and coming developers, whose future careers might very well involve working with international clients.

We have more trainers getting trained across the world and as Magento gets more popular we hope to bring more developers into the world.