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Migration from Magento 1 to Magento 2

This entry was posted on February 28, 2017 by Vijay Golani

When is the right time to go from Magento 1 to Magento 2?

Here are some reasons to do it now!

1) Features for ecommerce your site:

Security - Magento 2 works with the latest version of PHP  (version 7) It includes a large performance boost as well as more security enhancements compared to older PHP versions. Magento 2 is not built with the security leak points that merchants face with Magento 1. 

You see the lastest supported version of PHP here

Performance - Magento 2 now supports Varnish cache out of the box. This helps merchants make their ecommerce site perform at lightning speed. Magento 2’s Production Mode and pre-compiled features will load the site faster than Magento 1.


knockoutjs.jpgUser perspective - Magento 2 has compressed and bundled JavaScript and Knockout JS for checkout. That is the latest solution in the market, as per JS perspective which helps to improve browser related operations, is great for the client side at no extra cost to operations. 


Admin perspective - Merchants expect a good admin user interface to manage their store. Magento 2 offers a responsive tool which far exceeds the previous version of Magento.  

2) Support

Magento 1.x EOL is Nov 2018. For the CE and EE version will not be supported after this. What this means to the merchant is two fold.  If you are using CE then there will no longer be any security patches or releases. It will also not be compatible with any new versions of PHP or MySQL. (As M1 is not compatible with PHP7 already) If you have EE then you may have to purchase your code from Magento and it will not be supported.

3) Existing Data

Magento provides a data Migration tool that will convert all of the default magento’s tables to Magento 2.  If you have custom tables you will need some assistance of from a solutoin providor to accomplish this. *note: any custom modules will have to be re-factored to work with M2.

4) Magento 2 is ready and successful

Magento 2 is already more than a year old and has 1000's of successful installs already. The module providers have caught up and any module that you need is not available on the Magento Market Place. Now is the perfect time to start your Magento 2 project.

5) Extensions for Magento 2

Magento 2 extensions have flourished over the past year with better enhancements and awesome support. To keep your mind at ease, all of Magento’s Extension Partners that are currently on the market are verified by Magento’s Technical, Marketing and Testing team.  

Check out some of the extension providers we are partnered with like Aheadworks and Amasty. They have been seen offering a 50% off your Magento 2 module purchase if you already own the Magento 1 version!

Why Wagento is good for your Magento 2 store:

  1. Wagento will help you migrate your older versions of Magento 1.x to latest Magento 2.x version.
  2. Wagento has built multiple new stores in Magento 2 in the last year.
  3. Wagento is connected Magento 2 and  with many third party services like Microsoft GP, Karmak ERP, ReplyYes, Arvato3PL, 7digital etc.
  4. Wagento has done B2B and B2C both with Magento 2.
  5. Wagento has 13+ Developers who have already attended and completed Magento 2’s on demand course. How many teams can say that?! (as of Feb 2017 and growing!)
  6. Out of the 16 Magento Masters in world, Wagento has 2 Magento Masters.


Wagento is actively involved with the Magento team for their some of the in house projects.




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