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My Social Media Experiment / Disaster

This entry was posted on January 02, 2017 by Brent W Peterson

My Social Media Experiment

I have recently embarked on a uber social media experiment using my own personal profiles to first explore what is out there for social media and to find easy to use platforms to manage the social media. I went through what Google says are the top 6 social media platforms right now. (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, Instagram and Google Plus) *Who actually uses Google Plus? I realize there are more we can focus on and in conjunction with these platforms I have been blogging on a regular basis about customer experience. The following are the mistakes that I self-identified. Of course this is not a complete list, or a sample that I saw to be problematic. I would like to get your feedback on what you have seen me or someone else doing wrong in social media.

Mistake number one

Aggregators: I went into this thinking that content was king, regardless of how I generate this content. Some of the aggregators I tried automatically posted for me. People saw right through this. Some of the content was crap, some was relative but the quantity of content diluted the quality of content.

Mistake number two

BOTS: I created a bot which retweeted images from a conference that I was following. Who would have thought that someone would post pornographic pictures with the hashtag I was searching for. It goes to show that you can’t just shoot and walk away. Social media needs some love to make it work.

Mistake number three

Auto-posting: Similar to the bots, taking a feed from a third party and auto posting is not a great idea. Unless your goal is to just spew so much content that it floods your thread then the auto post is not the answer. This is not to say that scheduled content is not relevant. But simply generating automatic content is just regurgitating potential garbage. Eventually you re-post real garbage which makes you look like garbage.

Mistake number four

Cuing up the same message across multiple platforms: If anyone follows you personal social media profiles they will quickly see that you are posting the exact same content on Facebook and Twitter. Full disclosure; I am still doing this but not as much. What I have ultimately decided to do is split my interests into different platforms. i.e. focus Twitter on Magento and Facebook on running. Instagram has been my home for running photos and my running selfies are starting to be retired.

Mistake number five

Scheduled posts when everyone knows I am not really posting: For example, if I am asleep or even worse, if I am doing a running selfie during a marathon and then suddenly I post something about a Magento extension 2 minutes later. ahhh… either someone is posting for me or I have scheduled my posts without thinking about my schedule.

I have made many more mistakes than these five but they are some big ones that come to mind. The bottom line is that I should be posting content on my personal profile that means something to me or someone else. The business content I was posting really meant nothing to my personal twitter audience and the auto-posted content to Facebook meant nothing since I rarely read about what I was posting.

The bottom line: There are no easy short cuts to social media and the more you try to grow your personal brand by automatically posting content the more you will potentially damage the reason your personal followers are following you. This is not to say that Buffer, Hootsuit, Hubspot or any of the other tools that we use are important. The key is to use them with the for-thought rather than blindly posting content that may or may not be valid for your own person.

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