New Features and Updates for Magento Commerce

November 19, 2020 by Brent W Peterson

New Features and Updates for Magento Commerce

This entry was posted on November 19, 2020 by Brent W Peterson

On October 15, the latest version of Magento Commerce (2.4.1) became generally available to all users. This upgrade is specifically designed to help retailers make the most out of the upcoming holiday season. With a particularly high number of consumers planning to shop online over the next few months, Magento 2.4.1 is armed with upgraded security features, enhanced merchant tools, improved self-service options, and other exciting features. Some of the key highlights of the Magento upgrade include:

Origin Cloaking

Enabling this feature hides the IP addresses of your origin servers to prevent any unverified traffic from accessing them. All traffic will have to be processed by Fastly, which will only allow valid users through. Any traffic that tries to directly access the origin servers are blocked, unless you customize the configuration to make certain exceptions for users to bypass the Fastly cache.

Platform TLS

With this upgrade, the new Fastly Platform TLS (Transport Layer Security) will provide an additional layer of protection for websites. Merchants will have the capability to validate shared certificates to ensure that their data remains safe and secure.

Managed Alerts

Magento’s Managed Alerts keeps track of 200 different metrics in real time to prevent any downtime or performance problems with your online store. The wide variety of metrics are tracked in four key categories: CPU, Apdex, disk, and memory.

Site Wide Analysis Tool (SWAT)

SWAT is able to perform a complete analysis of your entire store from end to end to give you the right information you need to make improvements. Now available through the Magento Admin dashboard, retailers can view their site’s performance, look at reports, and even get recommendations for self-servicing their online stores. Adhering to the best practices has never been easier!

Enhanced Security Scan

Adobe integrated with Sanguine Security, a trusted digital security leader, to give Magento retailers the ability to identify and prevent more than 8,700 types of security threats. Merchants can monitor the security of their online store 24/7 and proactively detect possible malware with the scanner’s intuitive features. Magento retailers can register for the tool by following this link.

Magento Commerce Quality Patches (MQP)

MQP allows retailers to apply, revert, or simply review information about quality patches for each version of Magento. This updated package gives merchants the ability to quickly self-service any issues with their site and keep their online store running smoothly throughout the holiday season.