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      Ecommerce and Taxes: What You Need to Know

      August 17, 2020 | Posted in Sales | By Marlin C. Nino

      If you’re an eCommerce that sells over multiple channels and states, handling your sales taxes can be stressful and time-consuming

      By the end of 2020, global eCommerce sales will reach $4.2 billion and make up 16% of total retail sales. And these numbers are only predicted to go up as we continue into the ‘20s, according to Bigcommerce. However, for business owners, taxes can be a stressful component of managing their eCommerce business.

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      BigCommerce Overview: Key Points to Consider

      August 13, 2020 | Posted in eCommerce Solution | By Brent W Peterson

      This quick guide will give you a better understanding of what BigCommerce is known for, how it works and how it compares to its biggest competitor: Shopify


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      Workflow, Tickets, & Communicating With Your Team

      August 12, 2020 | Posted in Best Practices | By Brent W Peterson

      If you’re unable to find an answer to your specific issue with some online sleuthing, it’s time to reach out to a Wagento developer...

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      Easy and Efficient Extensions with Magento Marketplace

      August 11, 2020 | Posted in eCommerce Extensions | By Brent W Peterson

      Instead of scouring the internet for the ideal Magento 2 extensions for your store, your first stop should be the Magento Marketplace.

      As your eCommerce store expands and begins to attract new customers, you may find that your current tools for inventory management, checkout, and other essential areas of your business simply aren’t able to keep up with customer demands anymore. Instead of scouring the internet for the ideal Magento 2 extensions for your store, your first stop should be the Magento Marketplace.
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      Measuring Success: How to Create and Define Your eCommerce Goals

      August 10, 2020 | Posted in Marketing | By Brent W Peterson

      This post will give you the information you need to get your entire team on the same page by selecting the right KPIs (key performance indicators).

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      Monetize Your Mobile Commerce

      August 06, 2020 | Posted in Mobile Commerce | By Brent W Peterson

      businesses can benefit by monetizing their mobile apps using these four methods

      Mobile commerce is the future. In fact, mobile commerce is expected to represent 45% of all commerce sales by 2021, and this number is projected to increase in the coming years. With millions of smartphone users conducting business on their mobile phone, merchants without a mobile app or a mobile-friendly website are missing out on an excellent source of revenue. Thus, they should immediately start to prioritize mobile marketing.

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      5 Ways to Improve Your eCommerce Site

      August 04, 2020 | Posted in Online Store | By Brent W Peterson

      If you want your customers to enjoy an improved shopping experience, begin with these 5 practical tips to get results fast

      Around the world, business leaders have come to recognize the true importance of their online presence due to the coronavirus pandemic. When stores were forced to close their physical doors, having the capability to effectively reach their customers online quickly became the top priority.

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