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      How IKEA is shaping eCommerce in India

      October 15, 2018 | Posted in India | By Vijay Golani

      It is no secret that eCommerce is flourishing in India. India eCommerce reaped over $38 billion (USD) in 2017. This number will soar over $200 billion by 2026. There are many factors driving this growth, from the rising popularity of mobile phones to better access to the Internet.


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      Meet Wagento’s MagentoU Training Team!

      October 11, 2018 | Posted in Magento Training | By Brent W Peterson

      As an authorized MagentoU training partner, Wagento has four certified trainers that roam the world teaching students on Magento. By empowering the next generation of website developers on the world’s most advanced e-commerce platform, these teachers hope to set a new standard for online stores across the globe.


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      Online commerce in India - The time is now

      October 08, 2018 | By Vijay Golani

      There is no better time or reason to build your Magento site in India. The Indian e-commerce market is here and you as an Indian merchant should choose Magento as your platform and Wagento as your solution expert. Make in India!


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      Preview: What to Expect from Magento 2.3

      October 04, 2018 | Posted in Magento | By Brent W Peterson

      The release of Magento 2.3 was first announced in the spring of 2018. Now that the release date is drawing closer, we’re excited to take a look at what the new software has in store to make your business run even more smoothly.

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      E-Commerce in India: Building Successful Sites

      October 02, 2018 | Posted in Magento | By Vijay Golani

      Business owners in India have been turning to e-commerce to take advantage of the growing popularity of online shopping trends. Due to the rising popularity of smartphones, the internet, an expanding middle class, and a large number of young shoppers


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      One Strike, You’re Out?

      September 27, 2018 | Posted in Magento | By Brent W Peterson

      Converting online visitors into customers should be one of your top priorities as an e-commerce business. Many online store owners give up on customer conversion too easily. You might think that a customer who leaves your store is now gone forever and that your one chance to interest them is gone.

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      Indian Store, Indian Agency- Choose Wagento

      September 25, 2018 | Posted in Magento | By Vijay Golani

      Magento is dedicated to providing intuitive, engaging online shopping experiences. Features like Magento Business Intelligence, Magento Order Management, and Magento Commerce can provide your business with the analytics and tools needed to make the most of your data and customer segmentation.

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