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Preview: What to Expect from Magento 2.3

October 04, 2018 by Brent W Peterson

Preview: What to Expect from Magento 2.3

This entry was posted on October 04, 2018 by Brent W Peterson


The release of Magento 2.3 was first announced in the spring of 2018. Now that the release date is drawing closer, we’re excited to take a look at what the new software has in store to make your business run even more smoothly.

There are lots of different programs designed to streamline ecommerce activity, but with this new release, Magento is poised to separate itself from the pack. Magento 2.3 is an open-source software designed to keep your ecommerce site secure and high-performing. Let’s see how your business can benefit from the new and improved version!

The Future Is Now With Progressive Web Apps (PWA)

Mobile devices are becoming increasingly important in the world of e-commerce as people rely more and more on their phones for web-browsing activity previously reserved for desktops and laptops. Progressive web apps allow your online store to be better suited for mobile navigation and function more like the applications mobile users know and love.

Many ecommerce sites lose customers who come to them via their mobile devices because their mobile interface just isn’t up to par. If you’re attracting customers who use their cell phones or tablets to shop, you definitely don’t want your website to look like it’d be right at home on a Windows 98 computer. With Magento 2.3, tailoring a version of your store for mobile is easy to do!

Users will experience faster and more intuitive front-end interfaces when they shop, and the new Magento will have increased options and capabilities for checkout, payment, shipping, and user account access. GraphQL data query language allows for optimal front-end performance.

Smooth Shopping and Shipping with Multi Source Inventory (MSI)

With MSI, your customers will have a seamless shopping experience across devices and platforms. This feature will also enable sellers to link multiple stock locations or warehouses to a product, so that items can be shipped from a location as close as possible to their destination.

Feel Pretty with Page Builder

You don’t have to be a code monkey to create beautiful, user-friendly pages with the new Magento. Now available to all users, Page Builder enables you to use a drag-and-drop visual composer to construct awesome pages your customers will love, and you won’t even have to tinker with the back end of your site. Keeping it simple is so important, and it’s the name of the game with this great upgrade.

Stay Calm with State-of-the-art Security

Security has always been a top priority for Magento, and Magento 2.3 has numerous added features to guard your information more closely than ever. Two-factor authentication and reCAPTCHA are both added to the latest update. Both of these features are familiar and easy to use but still very effective.

Your main pages, including your registration page, forgot password page, contact form, and login pages are all under their protection, and bots will be less than thrilled by the utter futility of trying to break through Magento’s defenses. These mechanisms will sniff out and report all malicious activity, greatly decreasing threats associated with spam and malware.

Keep Cool with Message Queuing

Message Queuing capabilities have now been extended to the open-source version of Magento. This enables your site to perform more smoothly and consistently during periods of varying workloads.

Stretch Out Searchability with ElasticSearch

ElasticSearch is an open-source search engine that has gained popularity on other platforms and is now making its way to Magento 2.3. It is known for its fast search speed, even when dealing with high volumes of information, which is essential for platforms with lots of search activity. It is known among techies for its ability to store and handle large amounts of data, and works together with the rest of Magento to deliver great results to you and your customers.

Import/Export Improvements

The ability to import and export product information and other data quickly and easily is a big deal, and Magento has turned its attention to this in its upcoming release. You won’t have to worry about your data being accessible and manageable whenever you need it.

Cache Confidently

The ability to manage your cache is essential for your platform’s continued speed, reliability, and performance. An improved cache system in Magento 2.3 will prevent you and your users from dealing with a site that’s slow-moving or isn’t displaying your latest updates correctly. Magento 2.3 users should expect nothing less than speed and smoothness.

An Overall Winner

Ecommerce nerds should be excited about what Magento 2.3 has in store for them. Keep your eye out for its imminent release, and in the meantime, you can familiarize yourself with Wagento, a company devoted to helping e-commerce business owners make the most out of all Magento’s innovative features.