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Questions and Answers for Magento 2.3

October 19, 2018 by Vijay Golani

Questions and Answers for Magento 2.3

This entry was posted on October 19, 2018 by Vijay Golani



Your questions get answered on the new release of Magento 2.3.   These questions are from the recent webinar that was put on by Magento and will help you to better understand what will be in the new version and answer questions about the features you are looking for. Please post any comments below!

Q: When 2.3 release is planned?
A: Currently planned to be released in November

Q: I'm ready to buy PageBuilder for CE too :-) Curious about price and availability. I know it's after EE but when after ;-)
A: PageBuilder for Open Source is planned after Commerce but pricing/timeline have not been set.

Q: When is the general release for 2.3? Is the November date for the beta
A: Beta is already underway, GA is currently planned for Nov

Q: Page builder is for Enterprise or for community version ?
A: Currently Magento Commerce only

Q: If mysql for search is removed, I tend to use that for local development so I dont have to configure elasticsearch. Is there a way to keep it, but make it enabled only by some xml or other very manual way, so it wont be used in live environments, but for local it keeps the setup as simple as possible.
A: We will consider making this possible

Q: When does PageBuilder will be available?
A: Info on timelines is coming up

Q: When 2.3 is released the GraphQL/PWA extensions are still under development. When will we be able to implement a fully functional PWA shop?
A: Hard to say, but we expect some time in the next year. We tend to work in an agile/iterative manner, so no hard deadlines. Also this depends heavily on level of community involvement.

Q: Will slides and/or webinar be available for download?
A: Recording will be made available

Q: Our old module and extension work properly on 2.3 or having changes on it
A: You will need to test it on 2.3 to ensure everything works correctly

Q: Will Apple App store block PWA app since it's from google ?
A: No. PWA is an open standard and Apple has supported in Safari since earlier this hear for iOS and macOS as well.

Q: Is PWA available only in the EE version of 2.3?
A: No, PWA Studio is open source and available to everyone.

Q: For Elastic Search, will there be feature difference between enterprise and community?
A: In 2.3, no difference

Q: Is the output of Page Builder in JSON so content and page layout structure be consumed by a PWA?
A: PageBuilder is our next priority for PWA after 2.3

Q: Why are we enhancing Open Source, doesn't that make it harder to sell Commerce?
A: We are enhancing both :)

Q: Now MySQL search is removed and elastic search is in, do we need to configure elastic search locally?
A: MySQL is not removed yet. For now it's still there, but deprecated. In the future, you may need to configure Elastic, but we will consider making this easier

Q: Once it has full coverage, will PWA eventually replace the first front-end attempts using ko.js/UiComponents?
A: That is the vision, yes