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Start with Bourbon and Cigars? Celebrate your Project's Success

This entry was posted on December 04, 2018 by Brent W Peterson

In order for your online agency to grow and build positive relationships with clients, it is important to have a clear goal for success. Set your agency up for success by picturing an incredibly favorable outcome for each and every one of your projects. In fact, every project your online agency completes for a client should end so triumphantly that you and your client will want to break out the bourbon and cigars to celebrate your project’s success. If you go into each assignment with this outcome in mind, you will find that it is a lot easier for you to accomplish your goals and make your clients happy. Aim for celebration-worthy results, and it will be easy for both you and your client to envision a clear path to success. Reaching such a positive outcome is easier said than done, and it requires dedication, time, and energy to achieve. Here are four ways your online company can ensure that your client loves your work, and that you can reach the “bourbon and cigars” stage at the end of all of your projects:





1. Create a Statement of Work

A statement of work is the best way to make sure both parties know exactly what a project will entail. This document outlines every step of the project in great detail so that neither your agency nor your client are confused about who is responsible for what part of the contract. While creating a statement of work takes a lot of time, it will help the client know what to expect and when they should expect it, and it will prevent the agency from working outside of the scope of the project. This document will ensure that both parties will receive what they are owed, and make it easy to set clear goals for success.

2. Communicate with Your Client

Stay in constant communication with your client. This will ensure that they do not feel like they are left in the dark with their request, and it will allow you to know exactly what they want and need each step of the way as you complete their project. Providing regular updates will help your client feel involved in the process, and it will prevent you from making mistakes or incorporating features that your client of which your client would disapprove. Ask questions when you need clarification so that your project can be as accurate as possible. Do everything in your power to make sure your client feels comfortable asking questions or making suggestions, too. Communication will strengthen the relationship between your agency and your client, and it will make every part of the process easier to understand and fulfill.

3. Know Your Client

It is imperative that you understand your client as much as possible so that you can make sure that your work will be beneficial for them and help them achieve their specific goals. Find out the mission and vision of their company and the goals they are trying to accomplish, and use this information to determine the areas where you will dedicate the most time, energy, and resources. This will be beneficial for both parties. You want your agency’s product or service to focus on areas that will be the most influential and make the most significant impact for your client, so it is important for you to figure out what these areas are and put emphasis on addressing and improving them. You want your client to realize that your service is one that makes a big difference for their company so that they will be pleased with your results.

4. Be Receptive to Feedback

It will be impossible to please your client if you do not listen to and address feedback they give you. Ignoring feedback is the easiest way to guarantee that you will not reach the celebration stage at the conclusion of your project. If your goal is success and to deliver a product or experience that your client will love, you need to be open to their suggestions and take note of anything that your client would like for you to change. You should actively seek out feedback and constructive criticism from your customer every step of the way so that you can ensure you are providing them a product or service that they will be thrilled to receive. Success is contingent on your client’s satisfaction, not yours, so make sure you are putting their wants and needs first. Keep these ideas in mind, and you will be breaking out the cigars and bourbon in no time.


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