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The Time to Start planning for Holiday Sales is Now!

This entry was posted on July 10, 2018 by Brent W Peterson


With 44% of U.S. shoppers confirming they will be Black Friday shopping, it is no secret that holiday sales can be great for e-commerce businesses. When it comes to holiday sales, however, fortune only favors the prepared. E-commerce businesses that want to be successful during the holiday sales season need to start preparing well before Black Friday. Here are six ways you can make sure your e-commerce business is prepared for the holiday season:

1. Test Your Site

Any bugs or configuration issues that could hinder your customer’s shopping experience need to be addressed well in advance of the holiday season. You should request tests, like Wagento Load Testing, that will provide the data necessary for you to be confident in your site’s performance. Make sure your tests provide detailed, actionable data so you can fix mistakes and make data-driven decisions as you prepare for the holidays.

2. Plan Your Marketing Strategy

Start marketing now for the holiday season. Give coupon codes, offer sneak peaks of your products, or distribute gift guides to create buzz and awareness. Begin your email campaign so you can prime your email list and collect data from your audience. Analyze data from your social media accounts to see which social media marketing strategies are most effective for your company. Look at your metrics before, during, and after your sales event using tools like Google Analytics, New Relic, and Pingdom, and use this data to create quality content and make the most of your marketing.

3. Focus on Mobile Commerce

Put mobile commerce at the forefront of your planning. Make sure your mobile site is easy to access, load, and use, and make adjustments if necessary, like Forbes changed to address loading speed issues. Your mobile site should run efficiently and provide a good user experience.

4. Generate Buzz

Start planning ways to get people to continuously visit your site on the day of your holiday sale event. Consider timed events, giveaways, or count downs. Plan incentives for your top customers like free gifts or VIP discounts. Use hashtags on social media sites to keep consumers excited and engaged during your event. Whatever steps you choose to take to generate buzz are going to require advance planning, so start thinking of ideas now.

5. Put Customer Service First

Remember that your customers are your VIPs. Monitor your social media accounts for customer service requests and address any concerns quickly. Use live chat to help customers in real time. Fix issues presented by customers and offer services like quick returns and free shipping to ameliorate negative situations. Make sure your employees are all on the same page with your customer service policies to ensure your customers receive great service across the board.

6. Celebrate Your Team!

When your holiday sales event is all over, do not forget to recognize and celebrate your team’s hard work. Remember, you could not have done it without them! Building a positive company culture will help you far beyond this upcoming holiday season -- it is the foundation for long-term success!

To learn more about preparing your e-commerce business for a successful holiday season and beyond, check out the Wagento blog!

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