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Top Things to Know About Marketo Engage

July 28, 2020 by Brent W Peterson

Top Things to Know About Marketo Engage

This entry was posted on July 28, 2020 by Brent W Peterson

Creating engaging, personalized experiences for each visitor to your eCommerce store requires strict attention to detail and consistent data analytics for a wide range of goals. Business leaders and marketing professionals must be able to keep up with customer demands and expectations without losing track of what their most loyal buyers love the most about the brand. For complex marketing strategies across numerous channels, modern businesses can streamline their advertising efforts with Marketo Engage, a major component of the Adobe Experience Cloud.

What is Marketo Engage?

Marketo Engage is a flexible and effective solution for both marketers and sales professionals to manage leads, keep track of various shopping journeys, and create new marketing campaigns. This all-in-one marketing automation software has several capabilities, including:

  • Account insights and profiling. With the help of Adobe AI and careful analysis of customer data, marketers can easily find and identify the best users to target for specific campaigns or promotions.
  • Digital ads. Marketo Engage helps you target the right customers with highly personalized advertisements on the web.
  • Email. Select the most relevant messages for each individual, and engage them with content they’ll truly appreciate and find valuable.
  • Marketing analytics. Gain new insights about the impact of your marketing campaigns, and begin taking steps to improve your strategies in the future.
  • Marketing automation. Create, automate, and measure your advertising campaigns across multiple channels without hassle.
  • Marketo Sales Connect. Keep your entire team connected by having your sales and marketing employees communicate with each other to create the best possible plans for reaching customers.
  • Mobile capabilities. Marketo Engage ensures that you can feel confident about all of your communication efforts with potential customers; no matter where your buyers are, you’ll be able to effectively reach them with relevant and appealing information.
  • Predictive content. Thanks to the advanced AI capabilities, Marketo Engage will keep your customers satisfied by suggesting relevant content automatically.
  • Social media integrations. With easy connections to social media platforms, your team can interact with customers and encourage loyal buyers to become advocates for your brand.
  • Website features. Gain the ability to interact with customers directly on your website to improve their shopping experience and give them the answers they need as soon as possible to reduce cart abandonment and improve overall customer satisfaction.

Benefits of Marketo Engage

Advertising and marketing strategies are more complicated than ever today due to the countless channels a customer may stumble upon your business. You might acquire a new buyer through a social media post, a Google ad, an email campaign, or a targeted ad on another website. Creating an omnichannel presence is no longer a recommendation, but a necessity for eCommerce merchants to continue growing their businesses.

With the tools and capabilities of Marketo Engage, your business can effectively keep track of numerous sales channels, manage your social media pages, interact with customers through email, and analyze KPIs without having to manually sift through data for hours. Your team will be better equipped to focus on what really matters while Marketo Engage can assist with key tasks, such as:

  • Lead nurturing and management. Find potential customers and guide them through customized shopping journeys thanks to personalization options and CRM integrations.
  • Account-based marketing. Coordinate your sales and marketing teams to create highly targeted and relevant campaigns based on customer accounts.
  • Personalization. With machine learning, AI, and predictive analytics, Marketo Engage will automatically select the right content for the right individuals at the right time to maximize results.
  • Cross-channel engagement. Reach your audience with personalized messages and relevant content no matter which channel they utilize. Whether they prefer to communicate through text, email, or social media, you can make sure that nobody will be left behind.
  • Marketing campaign analytics. Give your team a closer look at which strategies are the most effective for specific audiences. Use this data to create improved advertising campaigns in the future, and monitor your success over time.

Is Marketo Right for My Business?

Marketo Engage is well-known for being the world’s leading solution for lead management and account-based marketing, and its comprehensive features make it easy for any individual to use. Even if you have little experience with marketing automation software, machine-learning capabilities, or omnichannel marketing, the software is intuitive and is designed to make the lives of business leaders easier. For example, highly recognizable brands—including CenturyLink and Charles Schwab—both reported impressive results after using Marketo to unify their teams, identify leads, and create unparalleled customer experiences.

To learn more about Marketo’s unique capabilities, you can check out a demo of the product here, or view all of the available resources by following this link.