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      A/B Testing for Mobile eCommerce

      February 05, 2019 | Posted in Community | By Luis Gomez Morin

      Many companies preform A/B testing for their desktop websites, but not as many are using it for their mobile websites. Over half of all online purchases come from mobile devices. A Magento community-driven collaboration is aiming to fix the mobile gap: the Mobile eCommerce Optimization Initiative.


      A/B testing is an essential method for any eCommerce business owner. This method allows you to test two or more versions of your website to evaluate which performs better. This vital information is used to create the ideal website for your brand. By tracking conversion rates, user statistics and bounce rates, you can use this data to make decisions about your website optimization.

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      New Magento Community Backlog

      September 17, 2018 | Posted in Community | By Brent W Peterson

      Welcome to the Magento public backlog! This is a place where we gather the big-ticket items that represent changes in products, features, and functionality for the entire Magento product suite. In the spirit of transparency and open dialogue, we are making this backlog public.

      What is a community backlog? 

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      Magento CEO Mark Lavelle speaks with Bloomberg news

      August 15, 2017 | Posted in Community | By Brent W Peterson

      Magento Commerce has the largest install base of any independant commerce platform

      Marks speaks with Anthoney Lacavara how Magento compliments Amazon and it's various offerings. 

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      Big Dam Run 2017 recap

      May 04, 2017 | Posted in Community | By Brent W Peterson

      Magento Imagine Big Dam Run 2017. Wagento Community Race. Fun Run

      The Big Dam Run started 6 years ago with Susan from Wagento insisting that we join a running race because ".. all you do is code, drink and eat Doritos ... " (I believe that is a direct quote.) That year we joined the Lovell Canyon Labor of Love run.  It featured a full field of Sweettooth Candian runners all not ready for the desert heat and culminated with Bill Curtis passing out of the course.  (He is ok and still living in Canada eh)

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