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      Why Outbound Marketing Must Support Inbound Marketing

      October 15, 2019 | Posted in Social Media | By Luis Gomez Morin

      Instead of sticking to one strategy, marketers should combine outbound info with their inbound marketing efforts to create truly powerful campaigns.

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      Top 5 Metrics to Measure Success of Inbound Marketing Campaigns

      October 08, 2019 | Posted in Performance | By Luis Gomez Morin

      If you’re looking to revamp your ads campaigns, you can focus on these 5 key metrics:

      Old-fashioned marketing campaigns are quickly becoming a thing of the past as customers and merchants prefer the efficiency and convenience of digital marketing. While you may be relieved that you no longer have to make cold calls or advertise in your local newspaper, these methods were a little easier for retailers to track.

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      Adobe Marketo Engage is your Marketing and Sales Best Option

      March 28, 2019 | Posted in B2B Market | By Brent W Peterson

      During Adobe Summit 2019, Brian Glover knows that "purchase decisions aren't made by individuals, they are made by buying teams and accounts and you need to engage over long arks of time, and partner with sales to win deals".

      Is Marketing Automation revolutionizing the way people buy and the way a business engages? Is Marketing taking control of the power of making decisions over customers? How close is marketing to sales and why is it so difficult to make the relationship happen? What's next? How do we know we are doing a great job at selling any product or service?

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