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Wagento (and Magento) Embrace India

This entry was posted on September 10, 2018 by Vijay Golani




Thanks to its innovative, open-source platform, thousands of developers and partners, and immense dedication to members of its community, Magento remains one of the largest and most popular e-commerce platforms in the world. Magento has more than 800,000 customers spanning across the globe, and at least 218,806 live websites use Magento. Of those live websites using Magento, a noteworthy 3,108 of them are customers from India. India is a major player in the e-commerce industry. Experts estimate that e-commerce in India will become a $200 billion market by 2027, making it an even bigger contender in that sector of the marketplace. If the e-commerce trends in India continue, the Indian e-commerce market will be one of the top three largest markets in the next decade.

With its open-source platform, scalability, and the initiatives it has already taken toward building e-commerce in India, Magento is in a good position to help Indian retailers take advantage of this projected growth. Alongside this company, Wagento, a Magento e-commerce development company based in Minneapolis, has been active in the Indian e-commerce market for many years. Both Magento and Wagento understand that the market in India is growing rapidly, and they are taking steps to take advantage of their burgeoning market and help support e-commerce growth in India. Here are a few ways in which Magento and Wagento are taking initiative toward making Magento the platform of choice for e-commerce stores based in India:


Meet Magento IndiaMagento put on it's first event in May of 2017 called Magento Live India. This was such a success that it was followed by the first Meet Magento India event that Wagento organized in January of 2018. The turn out at both events was phenomenal and it shows the passion for Magento in India. (Wagento will again be organizing Meet Magento India on Feb 2nd 2019)

Magento Commerce has put on several more events for experts to discuss how they can help build e-commerce in India. Most recently, Magento Commerce has partnered with Embitel Technologies, Ltd., to organize a roundtable discussion for e-commerce experts to discuss “Omni-channel Retail and E-commerce Trends in India.” While this discussion took place in the United States, similar events are happening across India.

During this event, speakers talked about generating and using data for data-driven business decisions and business growth. By developing solutions to help manage growth and use data for smarter inventory and customer segmentation, Magento is actively preparing to handle the immense amount of growth experts predict will occur in the Indian e-commerce market.

Another feature of these events are panels comprised of e-commerce experts from India. These experts discussed ideas that could help Magento capitalize on the millions of potential customers in India that would use their platform for their e-commerce businesses. Ideas like enabling e-commerce with Indian languages so that Indian users who do not speak English can browse e-commerce sites and make purchases easily were brought up and discussed. New developments like these could make a huge difference in the Indian marketplace.

Omni-channel Solutions

Magento is leading the way with Omni-channel solutions. Omni-channel retail is about delivering the best, most user-friendly experience to customers for each and every touchpoint and step of their e-commerce experience. Magento uses Magento Commerce and Order Management among other tools to help deliver a positive, seamless Omni-channel retail experience. Features like shipping to and from stores, unlimited customization potential, and business analytics help e-commerce businesses master the Omni-channel retail experience. With these solutions in place, large e-commerce markets like India will have a lot to gain from using Magento.

Wagento India

Wagento has built a successful global team to help people develop websites using Magento. Wagento India is a global team located in India that has two Magento U certified trainers and a fully staffed office with Magento certified personnel. Their staff is able to help e-commerce businesses in India with technical support, Magento website development, and more, and they can offer trained developers, project managers, technical leads, and QA specialists to help their customers in India. Wagento India is actively helping business owners in India choose Magento for their e-commerce websites.


For help building or improving a website on Magento, visit Wagento online! We are thrilled to be part of the growing Indian e-Commerce wave!

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