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Wagento Launches First Magento B2B Commerce Site: Rainbow Treecare

This entry was posted on August 23, 2017 by Saurabh Parikh

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What they needed

Rainbow Treecare Scientific Advancements wanted to move from their CMS website to a B2B eCommerce store for selling their tree care products nationally.

Before choosing the Magento Commerce platform, Rainbow Treecare had no eCommerce capability on their website. It was purely product catalog linked with different tree care problems. All orders were getting placed traditionally, over the phone, fax, email, etc. and were entered by an RTSA Customer Service Representative (CSR). 

RTSA has engaged with Magento Enterprise partner WAGENTO for the development of their website including the integration with Microsoft Dynamics Great Plains. Wagento has developed B2B eCommerce website for them on Magento B2B Commerce Edition. The new platform is a migration from the previous CMS with the Microsoft Dynamics Great Plains integration.

Rainbow had following goals:

  • A B2B online ordering site for current core and new customers, with a B2C user experience linking customers with the company.
  • Use current website as a guide for the overall visual design and layout as well as how tree problems and tree care products are connected and displayed
  • Allow customers to place orders based on company credit (Payment On Account Method)
  • Integration of Microsoft Dynamics Great Plains (GP) and Magento Commerce for products, orders, customers, state restrictions and price list
  • Allow specific pricing per company per customer group.
  • Quick Order- a new way of adding multiple items directly into the cart using single click
  • Enhanced marketing features for both current and new customers

What Wagento Did

Wagento developed flexible B2B Magento Commerce website with Microsoft Dynamics GP Integration

Initially, Rainbow used WordPress CMS to provide tree care product catalog for their B2B customers. Wagento migrated their website from WordPress to Magento with the Magento B2B as a base solution for the development of this website. To ensure that customers get the right products, Wagento has created unique customer experiences to browse different tree care problems like tree diseases, insects & mites, growth control and soil.

Top Unique features

Integration of Magento + B2B with Microsoft Dynamics Great Plains

magento-mailchimp-banner.jpgUsing the integration of Microsoft Dynamics GP, B2B customers in Magento are getting specific pricing per company per customer group based on how they are assigned in GP. Also, for each Tree care product, state restriction information is being gathered from the Microsoft Dynamics GP. State restriction information does not allow the customers to checkout with the tree care products in restricted states. 




Tree Care Science - Company Specific Pricing .jpg


Customer Accessing Company Specific Pricing

Magento B2B also allows to set customer group specific to the customer. Using this approach, all customers can get price speific to that customer group only.




Tree Care Science - New Payment Method.png


New Payment Method - Payment on Account

B2B customers are able to place the order with the new B2B payment method named “Payment On Account”. In this payment method customer can just enter their purchase order number, the system will check the customer's company and if the company has credit, order will be executed.




 Tree Care Science - Quick Order.png

Quick Orders

Quick Order is being used to add the products quickly into the cart, here on quick order page, specific website products are listed. Customers just need to select their desired products with quantity they want. After choosng the products, customer can simply click on Add items to cart button and all the items are added in to cart.


Tree Care Science - Add New Company.png

Linking of the Magento end customers with the Company

Magento B2B customers gets linked the company. Magento has new company module where we can see a list of the companies and under a specific company, we can get a list of the customers.


B2B Solution for hundreds of businesses linked with Territory Arborists

home-starter-kits1.pngRainbow Treecare Scientific Advancements (RTSA) develops proven, predictable products, tools, and solutions for tree care professionals. Rainbow Treecare has solutions for many common tree health care issues as well as providing training and education to over 300 tree care professionals a year. They work with companies to help them develop or add to their current plant healthcare programs and provide customer support.


Rainbow Treecare Scientific Advancements has now launched its first eCommerce website for their B2B customers. Today, it has 200+ Products, 800+ customers and is planning to add more B2B features like Quotes and use it in their next sales programs.

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