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What are the Top 5 Relevant Programming Languages of 2020

June 24, 2020 by Kate Williams

What are the Top 5 Relevant Programming Languages of 2020

This entry was posted on June 24, 2020 by Kate Williams

Programming languages that are in vogue at any given point in time continue to change; what is relevant today may not be relevant tomorrow.

Under such circumstances, it is imperative to understand the programming languages which are relevant in 2020.

Below, we showcase 5 relevant programming languages of 2020 which are clearly the talk of the town when it comes to their application across a wide variety of different situations.


With simplicity being its primary forte, Python continues to be one of the most sought after programming languages whose popularity is far from waning in 2020; on the contrary it only continues to rise!

Facets which have stood out in case of Python, giving it a distinct advantage include the following:

  • The developer experience is intuitive whereby novices not just to Python but also to programming as a whole can quickly get up and running on the language.
  • Its integration with C or C++ is seamless. Thus applications that require camaraderie between the two; Machine Learning being a prime example – can easily be worked on, all thanks to Python.
  • Its immense popularity is a huge advantage in itself; at any time if you need assistance even while programming by yourself, you will find online forums and communities galore!

No wonder then that Python invariably comes up trumps across many global rankings of programming languages based on their popularity!


JavaScript started off somewhat unintuitive in its early days when many programmers considered it to be low on features and full of linguistic design flaws.

Over the years though, the evolution of JavaScript has been nothing short of breathtaking to the extent that it consistently ranks as one of the most popular programming languages among programmers all across the world.

So what is it that makes JavaScript so special?

Key features include:

  • Its versatility; a lot of programming languages tend to be inflexible but not so in case of JavaScript, with its easy application across several different platforms.
  • Internet usage has exploded across the world; and Internet browsing depends on browsers. Now, JavaScript is by far the most common language used in browser programming, thus driving its usage exponentially.


As with Python, simplicity is Java’s primary forte. In its initial days, while C++ was the programming language of choice, Java emerged as a simpler and intuitive alternative, especially for developing business applications.

Further, once JVM or Java Virtual Machine came to the fore, much needed platform independence was achieved in a way that Java could be run on just about any preferred platform.

Key features in Java’s case include:

  • Enterprises swear by Java especially due to its backward compatibility.
  • While virtual machines have increased significantly, JVM is consistently ranked as one of the finest out there, notwithstanding the two+ decades it has been around.
  • The path towards grasping the nuances of Java is fairly lean; even a relative newbie can get going on it with ease.


C#, as you might be aware, is Microsoft’s own take on C based Object Oriented programming languages. Not only that, .NET in this instance can be likened to Java’s JVM. Such parallels in the heydays even led to a scenario where C# was considered a clone of Java.

Over time though, C# has clearly emerged in its own league with widespread application across multiple platforms that not only span Windows and Linux but also Android and iOS mobile platforms by way of Xamarin.

C# clearly has a number of different highlights to its credit, which include:

  • The very fact that tech behemoth Microsoft is behind it means that you always have assistance at hand, be it libraries, frameworks, and much more.
  • While C# did have parallels with Java in its initial days as we mentioned previously, today, not only has C# clearly established its own clout, in many ways it has actually surged past Java.
  • The fact that it acclimatizes itself to so many different platforms as mentioned above is a true testimony to its versatility and dynamism.


Having looked at all the previous programming languages in this article, we cannot leave C behind, the granddaddy of most of the above mentioned.

So, what is striking about C?

  • As dynamic as most of the previously mentioned programming languages might be, C certainly takes top honors. To give you an example, few other languages can really match the extent to which C can run across diverse platforms and hardware.
  • C clearly performs with blazing speed and sheer power. Again, when compared with other programming languages, few can match up to C on these fronts.
  • C served as the basis for other programming languages. This not only includes PHP and Ruby but also the language that occupies the pedestal in this listing, viz. Python.


So, these are the top 5 relevant programming languages of 2020 in our reckoning.

What do you think? Will any other programming language make the cut, replacing the 5 we have listed?