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Why Agencies Should Choose Magento as a Platform to Resell

December 13, 2018 by Brent W Peterson

Why Agencies Should Choose Magento as a Platform to Resell

This entry was posted on December 13, 2018 by Brent W Peterson



Contrary to popular belief, running an eCommerce store is just as tough, if not more difficult, than owning a standard-brick and-mortar store. You can sell the highest quality, best price item on the market, but unless customers are pleased with your digital presence, you will never be able to lift off. This task is even more difficult when you are reselling items online. Thus, functional, interactive websites are a must for any aspiring eCommerce business.

This is why digital agencies turn to Magento to help businesses spotlight their brands. The eCommerce platform boasts over 300,000 entrepreneurs and web developers making use of its versatility and many features. If you want to thrive in the digital world, read on to learn more about how Magento can revitalize your agency.

Easy for Integration

Many business owners might be so accustomed to their current platforms that they worry about transitioning to a completely new one, even if it is one as extensive as Magento. Fortunately, Magento is so flexible that it can be adapted to work with multiple different systems, whether that is an ERP or a Wordpress-powered website. This makes Magento a handy tool for agencies that assist a range of different clients in wildly varying industries.

Customize Your Website

The Magento platform come with some awesome preloaded features, but that does not mean you have to stifle your creativity. Magento offers dozens of features that you can customize, to personalize your platform. On a basic level, Magento comes with multiple alluring themes that will wow your potential customers. These themes can quickly be customized to help strengthen the brand of any product.

On a much deeper level, you can change key features of a website. This allows you to adjust the site to meet the demands of its customer base. Some main features that you can customize include the product view, directory management, and the browse catalogue. This allows you to quickly add unique photographs, create a simple navigation system, and easily adjust prices for sales and deals.

Bring Your Agency Global

Most open source eCommerce platforms have few to no options when it comes to foreign currencies. However, Magento supports all currencies around the world. This makes international transactions fluid for both the buyer and seller. Furthermore, Magento supports all languages, so there are no geographical constraints. You can also apply unique customer tax rates based on their location, which makes filing simple come tax time.

Built with Sales in Mind

Magento’s sales first mindset has made us one of the top eCommerce platforms on the web. As part of the customization package, customers can add integrated analytics and reporting. This allows companies to immediately understand what is bringing customers to their site. Furthermore, the option for segmentation allow companies to target customers based on their purchasing habits. If a customer has a necklace in their cart for three days, you can send them a tailored promotion to turn that lead into a sale.

Even once a customer has closed the deal, Magento won’t back down. Magento allows companies to set up product recommendations and upsells on the checkout pages.

Getting into the resale business can be tough. You have to provide great products, and prove to the customer that you are worth investing in. This all starts with a great website. From the front page to checkout, Magento allows you to adjust all your features, to turn leads into sales. For more information on Magento software and for top-quality training that will turn you into a better eCommerce business owner, visit us at today.