Why keep your Magento site updated to the most current version

March 10, 2020 by Brent W Peterson

Why keep your Magento site updated to the most current version

This entry was posted on March 10, 2020 by Brent W Peterson


Wagento has launched a comprehensive plan to always keep your site at the most current version. You may be asking "Why do I always need to keep it updated?"

You own your Magento code and this gives you the ability to modify it and do anything you want with it. It is different than a SaaS platform (Software as a service) in that you are also responsible for keeping it up to date. The most important thing in keeping your system updated is security. Magento has 100,000's of developers who are always working and find out about code and vulnerabilities. This is a huge advantage but it's only advantages to you if you take action on the updates.

Magento Bug Fixes

In addition to the security patches, Magento also releases bug fixes that will make your system better and more efficient. A bug could be a security issue or simply something that breaks your process within your Magento store. Because Magento is such a widely used platform and the code is open source it is easy to find and fix bugs. Magento also publishes their entire codebase on Github and allows developers to push their fixes to the core code of Magento. Once the fix has been verified and approved it is released to the world.

New Features

Magento is always introducing new features and these features are only realized if you update your version of Magento. Some examples of new features are things like Elastic Cache in Magento Open Source and the B2B Module in Magento Commerce. These features will only be usable if you keep your system up to date.

Major Upgrades

About once a year, Magento will release a major update to its software. The major updates will include all three of the previous items but will also include more in depth software refactoring and features that may change the flow within Magento. These updates are the most important and the most complicated to execute. They may even require a new version of PHP or other underlying systems on your server.

Keeping everything up TO date

Wagento has the answer to keeping everything updated on your site and never having to worry about your store again. We have introduced No-Hassle updates for Magento. No-Hassle updates will allow you to sleep at night without having to worry about keeping your site updated, asking someone to do it or worrying about an estimate of how long it will take. It is your insurance policy that your site will be kept up to date. No-Hassle updates gives you the freedom to run your store list a SaaS platform while still having the flexibility to customize everything!